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10 March 2012

Well well well ... what have we here?
1. One of the more precious and exciting moments in which I was weirdly absent and uninvolved. Lucky family.
2. Note Julia's animated and ever-changing countenance. 
3. Note Simon's animated and ever-changing countenance. 
4. Where's Sebastian Waldo Patton?
5. Whoops! Was this a waste of your 12 seconds? half-hearted apol-


  1. I love those treasures that we stumble across. I would never find my husband in photos (willingly, that is. He hates having his picture taken), but my kids have a habit of becoming ninja photographers. It's always a treat!

  2. Awesome. This is totally frame-worthy for a good laugh. I didn't even notice Sebastian until you mentioned him. Did Simon learn to breast-feed?

  3. Simon's slow fade from peppy to somber is hilarious.
    In fact, the entire series is hilarious.

  4. The look of joy on your daughter's face is freaking priceless. Or maybe it's lack of joy, whatever it is it's cracking me up.



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