7 Quick Takes: links, links, and more links

09 March 2012

1. Many thanks to Katie for sending me the link to this NFP article complete with photo of Simon and some his co-verkers. Get excited andddd ...................... click!

2. Jessica hath returneth from her venture out to DC and her small blogging sabbatical (a sabbatical which I did not like - but I will forgive if she lends me her stellar new specs - forever). Rejoice and Rejoicer!

3. My new breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, and dinner.
 Thanks to her right here. (I promise it's eleventy times more tasty than its aesthetic appeal)

4. Mucho Congratulationos to Dwija! Huge (not her -- her news).

5. Jenny's enviable wit strikes again -- this time an 8 month belly, a toddler, a locked house, and an open window are involved. Don't miss it.

6. Ana posted about a very timely topic in my vida loca: children napping. Sympathy, solidarity, and empathy abound.

7. My favorite song for this second. It will most likely be changing in three minutes. Fickledom be mine - always.

Go see Jen for many more riveting takes.

and an 8th Bonus latecomer. Huge congrats to adorable Preethi. Many Exclamation points. Many. 


  1. I love the article with Simon, so awesome!!
    Thank you for the link love (so weird sounding, I know...) I always love opening all of your links.

  2. yes! now I know what to make for this lenten friday. muchas gracias!

  3. First, I apologize in advance for flooding your inbox as your new frequent commenter...

    What a great article! I seriously wish I lived in St. Louis! I tried googling "obgyn/midwife & nfp" in my area when I was first married and the closest one I could find was multiple hours away.

    Usually I get bored with "link" posts by the second or third click but all of these are great - thanks!

  4. Pack the casa and move to Charlotte, please? We need an NFP doctor in this city. I know too many people who have to explain their fertility to their OB. The hubs would have some serious patients waiting for his doors to open! :)

  5. You're welcome! Go Simon for being so newsworthy! :)

  6. Aw, thanks for the love, girl.

    And dude, love love love that they have 6 residents specializing in NFP. Anyone who tells them there isn't a market for NFP friendly OB's is delusional. Delusional, I tell you! Man, all of them are going to be burnin' the midnight oil for ever and ever and ever with as many patients as they'll have!

  7. Terrific article on Simon and his fellow residents!! That's lighting TWO candles rather than cursing the darkness! So very proud of you all! BTW....Dr. Patton's brother-in-law plays for the NM 3A HS basketball championship tomorrow morning. Perhaps Julia and Sebastian could watch online? If not, Aunt JDel could text you updates from The Pit. :-)

  8. im going to:
    a) get back to blogging
    b) try this snack
    c) tell you that i love the head and the heart.



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