10 March 2012

shrieked an ecstatic Julia early this morning as she took in some Yo Weirda Gabba. This strange man's face popped up on the screen and an instant wave of undeniable recognition swept over her bleary pupils as we waited for Simon to return home from work.

Agreed, Julia.
I also see the uncanny resemblance to dada (!) -- uncanny, indeed.

absence = fonder heart
absence = sharper memory

no judgement here.


  1. I second the Yo Weirda Gabba moniker.
    Though the first time J-L calls DJ Lance "Mama", I'm not sure if the tears I'll shed will be ones of sorrow or joy.

    That man's got MOVES, man.

  2. Oh my goodness. Hilarious! Maybe it's the hair. ha!

  3. Hahaha....Oh man, that guy always freaked me out a little. The twins went through the Yo Gabba Gabba stage, and then we had to detox. Maybe she can jump on the ridiculous Wiggles obsession we just me.

  4. Get out?! Kids are so crazy and funny.

  5. Fun fact: that's Mark. He was in the band Devo. Whip it good!
    I've enjoyed your blog! You have a marvelous sense of humor, and what a brave soul with two so little!

  6. HAHA this made me die laughing.

    My kids did the same this morning when I was watching Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' music video. That's a pretty sweet compliment considering John looks NOTHING even remotely close to that.

    Also dying laughing at Cari's comment, haha!



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