The Chia is Catching Fire

28 March 2012

Oh, I've already bored you with 3 trill Chia posts? Sorry. Not really.
c/o Cari ... again

Lisa wrote a post you have to go read. It had me and Simon laughing out loud after a no good, terrible, and very bad day -- a feat. All hail Lisa.


Kelly Jo shared her very own Chia recipe that apparently tastes like a Snickers. Another feat. And another all hail Kelly Jo.  


I promise this willn't be my last Chia post. Promise.


  1. I don't believe it tastes like Snickers. Impossible.
    YOU make it, ingest it, and report back to me, Patton.
    Oh, and actually EAT a Snickers beforehand just to make sure we've got an accurate frame of reference, ok?

  2. Holy crap!! All hail YOU!! I just got 76 views to my page?!?! I don't even have that many fake friends! :)



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