careful little J ...

12 March 2012

Sebastian has been working overtime to secure his slot at the top of the offspring totem potem ...
today's stunts ...
1. holding my nectar to give my fingers a rest
2. falling asleep on his own accord to the tune of me giving your father an earful about your angelic behavior

... some things to remember next time you consider feeding your nemesis Vicks Vapor Rub by the palmful, demand that I leave my shower to feed you an antacid, or not sleep through a single hour of the night because you have a measly miserable cough ...



  1. Not sure if it was intentional (I'm sure it was), but I just read this entire post with the Kristen Bell "Gossip Girl" narration voice. Love it.

  2. We need a photog lesson! Beautiful.

  3. So much soft, sleepy baby! It's a good thing I'm nowhere near you. I would have had to squeeze Sebastian and then he would have woken up from his self-imposed nap.

    Sounds like Julia has been quite the handful recently. Just wait. Eventually she will turn into a silly, playful little kid, rather than a crabby and difficult toddler. Lucky for you, it might happen just as Mr. Sebastian enters the grumpy toddler phase!

  4. Oh, Sebastian! Why do they always act like angels for their daddies when we are complaining about our stressful/lonely days??

  5. what a (seemingly) angel baby! and i debated a or an, since i have a parenthasis and then a word beginning with a vowel..........



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