30 March 2012

do you like Simon's photog focusing skills?
me too.

I know, I know ... who on God's green earth does that Grace think she is?
Well, she is currently an idiot with a headache realizing the switch over was a really stupid idea.

Hopefully you'll continue to visit, read, and cringe but if you don't, I'll understand. Maybe you're doing yourself a favor and freeing up some valuable time to organize your underwear drawer and donate the olds. Time probably better spent.

And now I'm off to try and decide if my freshly blown dry (and seemingly not clean) tresses were actually rinsed free of shampoo in the shower or if a certain toddler tantrum distracted me enough to forget.

Forrest Gump and a box of chocolates around here --- always.


  1. Woot! Glad to have met you *way back when* :)

  2. You go with your big bad domain name! Congrats. Oh and buy the Bieber song...and put it on repeat until Simon knows all the words. My hubby is on his way.

  3. Do people really donate their old underwear?

    I like

  4. did you get a new camera? like the domain name! :)

  5. Ok whew. Now, every time I start typing in your blog name, and the computer autofills it, I won't have to sit there wondering what "perpendere" means. Is it Latin? Is it "per pendere"? Is it some devout phrase that every holy Catholic in the entire world knows, but I'm too busy Facebooking my way to Hell to learn it?

    Thank sweet baby Jesus that you've gone and snagged yourself a blog domain that even knuckle draggers like myself can puzzle out.

    Oh, and I'm voting for "forgot to rinse".

    Hey! Is that was "per pendere" means in Latin? "With Shampoo"?

  6. Congrats on the official domain name! It's suh-weet. Also, Simon's focusing skills are the bomb. (are we allowed to say that word or is banned on the internets just like in airports? I'm on a watch list now, right?)

  7. When I read this Turk from Scrubs started singing "Movin' On Up" in my head. Does that mean I'm crazy, or is it just really late?
    Anyhow, LOVE it!

  8. I always felt like an eeeediot trying to figure out per pendere. Thanks for addressing my vocabularic deficiency.



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