2011 (late and very partial but still lengthy)

06 March 2012

I went dumpster diving for posts that didn't live to see the glow of your screen this eve and found this cubic zirconia. I think I got lazy and gave up ... or turned into a pumpkin. Either way -- you're welcome for the tarday partay.

whoa. I just saw that the other bajakazillion blogs out there copied me with a bajakazillion hyperlinks before I could even get this published. 
I started sewing. see: inaugural and sub-par sewing project
Julia danced and dug for milk gold
We did nature
I opened the alteration can-o-verms
Julia found her voice
Paul's team won state
Simon matched in Saint Louis 
Julia watched others exercise
We sold baby powder
Simon graduated 
We moved
 We celebrated my grandma's birthday
I went to the Goodwill a million times

thee yend.


  1. Love the recap! Those are my favorite, the hodge podge kinda deals. Me likey!



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