Caitlin's Visit

06 March 2012

My good compadre, Caitlin, swooped into town this weekend and played the role of a better parent than I can ever hope to be.  She taught Julia how to play fetch in the cold, how to feed cracker crumbs to some very scary ducks, and how to rock trendy jeggings and gingham all while holding light-as-a-feather Sebastian Boulder Patton. She took the kids (plural) to the park (not for the faint of heart) in the cold and left me and Simon to repeat, "wow -- no kids -- so quiet -- so weird!" over and over again like idiot parrots.  She patiently tried to teach impatient me how to take decent photos even after 56 snaps of overexposed failures and she brought me Starbucks coffee -- after I forced her to taste my Chia seed smoothie. She even kindly listened to me ramble about riveting and timely subjects such as the beauty of Costco, the torture of crying it out, and Simon's Christmas 2012 work schedule (yes, really).
We hope she knows that we will welcome her with greedy arms when she decides to revisit our funhouse of monotony in the near or distant future.


  1. Where did you find this mystical creature and when can she come to my house? :)


  2. I second Kim. Does she hire out? Is she available for spring break?

  3. I love this! What an angelfriend!
    Also, I didn't quite believe you when you said you thought Sebastian was as big as baby Jake...but from the looks of picture numero 3 up there i believe you! What a chunk and a half! So awesome!

  4. p.s. Props to Caitlin for the gingham under the sweater. I'm wearing gingham today, and when I saw her pic I thought: THAT'S what I should have done!

  5. I always feel badly when my single cousin comes to visit, because I know I should be a good hostess and rescue her from the kids before they stop being cute novelties and begin to become aggressively annoying.

    But I just can't.

    Plus, I giggle at her struggles. Where she can see me do it.

    I wonder why she hasn't been back in a while?

  6. I think I need to see my priest to confess this envy I'm feeling. In almost 22 months of parenthood, we have had two or three visits from my sister who lives out of town and the girls have spent a few days at my mom's (without us, that is) and that's it. The only time we really get any help is if we pack up all the sh** required to care for two babies/toddlers and haul it to my mom's where there is a gallery of well-intentioned, but super-annoying, siblings who have a running commentary on our parenting, a la Statler and Waldorf. I think I'd just about die if one of my friends came to visit and help take a little of the pressure off our day-to-day grind.

  7. Aww she is awesome! Amazing what a good friend visit can do for your spirits.



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