7 Quick Takes

23 March 2012

1. Are you going to see thee it movie this weekend?
Good. So are we -- tickets purchased for Sunday at 3:50 pm. Spontaneous for one million please.
(many thanks to Caitlin for the above illustrashe)

2. Onward. Have you read the blog's most popular post of alllllll time? Good. So did I.

3. And did you know the blog post's author's sisters have blogs? Now you do -- here and here.

4. Typing of which, did you know my hilario sister has a blog? She does.

5. Remember when I said I wanted to venture here? No? Well, Jessica kindly gave a detailed report ... almost as good as actually attending in the flesh. Almost.

6. Want to see the cutest 40+ week preg -- who made her own cloth diapers? Here you go. I know, quickest click to feeling lazy. Sorry.

7. Cynthia put together a superb and categorized list of blogs to read. Go forth and enjoy the fruits of her research.

For many bigger, better, faster, and stronger takes ... go visit Jen at Conversion Diary.

and may those odds . . .


  1. Links! I LOVE THEM!
    Thanks for the shout out by the way! (why do I feel so weird when I say that?)

  2. Ugh...I'm so jealous of all the Hunger Games people. I need to read them! Have fun! :)

  3. Last night while we were falling asleep, I whispered to Dave... "I can't sleep, I'm too excited...for the Hunger Games!"

    He was appropriately embarrassed for me, I think.

  4. (Let me preface: I should be doing some lesson planning, especially since Jacob is cleaning off the porch before work, just like I asked him, and so whatever I'm doing I DEFINITELY shouldn't be reading blogs...)

    When I realized your Quick Takes were all links, I almost shut the browser down because I didn't think I could endure the temptation...anyhow, I told myself I could read them but I must wait to click through till later after I've been more productive. This was easy enough at first because I can't see the big HGs till NEXT weekend, and I've already visited your sister and Jessica..but then, cruel woman, links to a make-your-own-cloth-diaper-momma and I was toast. So, thanks for that.

    Now I've gotta go because the huz is coming back inside. Happy Friday!!

  5. i went and saw it last night and it was just ok):


  6. Thanks for the shout out Grace! Haha I'm definitely feeling far from cute these husband is just a good photographer maybe?

  7. I have not been on the hunger games band wagon and now I totally feel left out! I may succumb to the peer pressure and read it then see it...

    I loved the most popular blog! Mine is my birth story... apparently my readers like gory, gross details... or labor?!

  8. I saw The Hunger Games this morning. I want to see it again :)



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