Simon Says

05 March 2012

After watching (in furrowed brow horror) as I poured some chocolate chips in a bowl and placed the bowl on the kitchen floor for Julia as I routinely tend to do in the evening while I finish making dinner, Simon said,
"she isn't a dog and we are really bad parents."

While being subjected to yet another eardrum beating via a catchy Rihanna beat Simon glumly asked,
"How many times do you have to listen to a song before you get sick of it? My guess is approximately 40,000."

After witnessing some serious and exasperated animosity on the equally frustrated parts of both me and Julia at the end of a particularly trying day (still having some babaless ish) Simon said,
"I'm going to come home to a murder-suicide scene one of these nights."

funny but not.


  1. I put the "food bowl" on the ground next to my feet as I cook...all the time. I feel mildly ashamed but find it's the only way to quickly divert to get back to the task at hand ;)

  2. Must try food bowl...

    And funny but not but funny but not but only funny is J is the doing the deed.

  3. Oh my gosh, the picture of you and Julia just made my night!

  4. Simon was wrong- the post is totally blog worthy.

    And I do you one better- with J-L, I sort of scatter the chocolate chips across the floor, so it takes him longer to consume them all, thus buying me more precious time.

  5. I love the chocolate chip bowl! I wonder what weird things I do on a regular basis to keep sanity around here...oh wait, maybe that's why I clean up that bag of 317 zippers from my sewing stash all the time.
    That last murder scene quote really hit home. Jeff said he was worried that he would come home to a black and blue kid yesterday after all the frantic texts I kept sending him. *sigh* it was a rough day. (Fear not, the toddler was unscathed.)

  6. Love Julia's face in that last pic, tehehehe



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