7 Quick Takes: Searching

16 March 2012

Have you ever run out of internet and wandered over to see what people searched in order to land on your blog?

Well, Paige runs a hilarious little series on how people find her hilario blog so I thought I would see how people find the Camp ...

I found it highly flattering when I read the results ...

1. bottle rot teeth ... fair enough.
2. designs with the thyroid scar ... good luck ... and please, send photos!
3. house cleaning ... wrong number.
4. women cooking and cleaning ... mistake again, please try harder.
5. doctor deaf ear babies ... hm. you must've misheard.
6. Sebastian sews ... yes, but only on Fridays.
7. Drink own pee in cup ... that was delicious ... but definitely use a cup!

For more edifying takes of the quick variety .. go see Jen over at Conversion Diary. 
And then ... have a nice day.


  1. Totally with you on #3 and #4!

  2. I found you via clothing alterations but I stay for the comedy gold like the NFP conversation with the coworker. The first rule of NFP.......

  3. Haha! Hilarious! My favorite of searches that brought people to mine was "can you have sex twice in one day using NFP." It was conveniently right before valentine's day too. ;-)

  4. I LOVE keyword searches. In the past three days ALONE, the following search phrases have brought people to my blog:
    "naf naf rubberboots"
    "bull legged nude"
    "i love peeling stuff"


    "back boob"

    Clan Donaldson: raising the cultural bar every single day.

  5. ok how do i figure out what my keyword searches are!? so excited.

  6. I feel like a broken record because every time I comment on your blog it starts with, "hilarious!" But it is.
    I forget to check that out for my own blog, but I know it's left me scratching me head in the past.

  7. Haha I used to do this on my old blog but it's not nearly as entertaining on my new one. People google normal stuff to find me. Depressing.



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