Happy Father's Day!

18 June 2012

You know what I should be doing? Stepping away from the computer. Poor Simon started his new horrific schedule today and I could type a novel about how the first six ugly ugly ugly hours went here at the 'stead but I'll refrain and spend those moments praying that we survive the next zillion. And yes of course I figured out a way to type about myself on Father's day ... of course. 

Today is Father's Day but Simon (along with many, many others - I'm sure) deserves to be recognized for his great husband skills as well.  I wish I could say that it is not common for me to say something along these pleasant lines
but sometimes I do and Simon just laughs and obliges because he is the best and I am the worst. When I confessed that I really had nothing planned in the way of gifts, special meals or cards for today Simon said that he was just happy to have something to hang over my head after Valentine's Day.

Simon always writes the most wonderful Mother's Day posts and I wish I could even half match his kindness but I know that I can't because he is the much nicer spouse and the much nicer parent. I think I've written before about how blown away I was by how nice Simon was when we first met and continues to be today. He is a genuinely kind guy and I can only hope that Julia and Sebastian inherit or at least emulate their father's polite nature (and his hair please).

Shaving Sebastian's head yet again at my request because I'm sure if we cut it enough times it will magically turn curly and voluminous. I just know it.

When I put the kids to bed it is a big fat harried race to the finish but when Simon is home to help he takes the time to do it right. He lets the kids splash in the bath for as long as they want, reads them a book or books of Julia's choosing, and he changes them out of their clothes and puts them into actual pajamas. He then always cleans the kitchen after the kids have gone down while I sit in the corner and stare and am absolutely no help.

Simon loves his sleep more than anyone I've ever met but never ever audibly grumbles about getting up with the kids in the middle of the night before he has to get up for work at a truly ugly and dark hour of the early morning. He doesn't complain about the crazy hours that he works to provide for the family nor does he complain about the fact that I complain about the crazy hours that he works to provide for the family.

We're very lucky to have him.

Happy Father's Day ...


  1. Your bedtime style = my bedtime style
    Simon's bedtime style = Ken's bedtime style

    I'm very mathy this early in the morning.
    Happy Father's Day to Simon. If the medical gig loses its luster, he should consider opening a barber shop.

    Or shoppe. That would be classier.

  2. So sweet! Describing how nice and kind Simon is reminds me of what I was attracted to in Phil right away. Kinda makes me think maybe I should be striving for that type of personality! We are lucky ladies :)

  3. Love everything about this, especially Simon's comment about having something to hang over your head after V-Day...while I love getting presents, I'm pretty convinced that holidays like these are designed to induce guilt. Saw your instagram last he working nights now?? :( :(

  4. He puts them in actual pajamas? Are we supposed to be doing that too? I'm starting to think Simon's an awesome dad and that my kids wear their swimsuits to bed too often.

  5. way to round it out with a bang! great post :)

  6. surprised he's not crying while getting his hair cut! what a brave little boy!

  7. How sweet, Simon sounds pretty amazing. I do have to say, I get that vibe whenever you post about him. I had a feeling he was the patient one. ;)
    In this household, we don't really have a patient. I like that first e-card because it reminds me of all the times I've told Jeff that I wish he would be the calm parent to step in when I'm ready to lose it. Instead, he feeds off my emotions. *Sigh.* Just like his dad.

  8. I really really loved this. I think this is so true of John and me too! Plus I wish I could do things like he does, but then I get annoyed when he doesn't do it the "right way!" I think the best gift I gave John yesterday is that he doesn't know that I hated the outfit he dressed Kieran in for church!That is a first!!!

  9. too cute :)

    also, could you please be a professional meme-maker? I think your sense of humor and wit would be perf. k thanks :)

  10. Ugh- I know bad rotations can kill you! Having worked in an inner city hospital, I often wondered what the wives were thinking. Now I know and will pray for them :) just left my ob today and we were talking about the total lack of nfp promoting/teaching ob's in Atllanta-a huge city. Gals like me will be so thankful for the sacrifice you are making to get a great doc into the field who doesn't make us feel like a baby-many leper! With another 10weeks on bed rest, I may need you to post your blog reading list soon!

  11. I think you guys are literally the sweetest couple on Earth!

    If Tommy and I exchanged blog posts about each other...well, it would be one of those things that maybe we might want to undo later. Because we thing we're SO stinkin' funny. And we're not.

    Please let at least one of my children have you for in-laws!!!!

  12. Can you tell I am catching up on my blog reading tonight? Yup. You probably can...ok.

    Welp, after reading this, I would like to put in an order for a Simon. I love my hubs to death, but if I have to hear about his horrible wake-up time one more time, I'm going to pinch him in his nether-regions while he sleeps.

    That is what I tell him at least.

  13. "while I sit in the corner and stare and am absolutely no help" - we have a chair in the kitchen for EXACTLY this purpose



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