OTI: Inspiration for June 12th

05 June 2012

Open to Interpretation: Make It Your Own (or OTI:MIYO if you prefer acronyms for the sake of brevity) starts next Monday. Erica posted a great inspiration photo and brilliant helper pics for over thinkers like myself. 

Here is my pick for you lovely ladies (and gentlemen?) to interpret however your pretty (handsome?) selves like.

via People

I'm sure you can make this your own just fine on your own but be kind and generous and let me give you some potentially helpful ideas. I misremembered and thought Reese's skirt (dress?) had a floral pattern but I obviously remembered wrong. Just a pattern. No flowers here. 

In case you do opt to go the floral route ... Ashley rocks blossoms on the bottom and gingham on top.
Pretty pretty pretty. I tend to play things way too safe but I love this and am realizing that I need to be more of a rebel. And by rebel I mean more of a normal and less of a baby. I'm pretty sure I own that shirt and I'm pretty sure I've only ever paired it with mom blue jeans. Yawn.

If you're not feeling the skirt -- might I suggest going the patterned shorts or pants route? Thanks. 
Kendi can pull off virtually any trend but she especially kills it in these patterned shorts.
The only patterned shorts in our house belong to Julia -- maybe she'll share with her mom. We'll see.

Or you could go crazy and wear a dress (or romper  -- I'll try not to judge) complete with pattern.
Via RDuJour

Like so. And go ahead and copycat her perfect haircut in the process -- you'll look great. Guarant.

I don't need to tell you that the interpretation possibilities are endless. I might even surprise you all and wear a full coverage (patterned) swimsuit on Tuesday. You'll just have to wait and see. Your eyes are wide and your breath is baited. I can feel it. 

You better join in the fun next week. Or else ... something bad. Very, very bad. 

*photos used with e-permish.



  1. Alright, I officially have no life since I am already commenting on another of your posts in the same morning. To my credit I was going to your page to get the link to Erica's to do her OTI, but was SO pleasantly surprised to see this one since this is way more doable for my pregnant self. Thanks, Grace! I will stop commenting for the day now, I promise.

  2. Rompers! I've never been comfortable with this fashion designed for under 2s. Even a child of 3 looks too mature for one.

  3. I'm so glad that we mutually hate (too strong?) rompers. Also, even though I've been zilch on the comments, know that I am quietly and creepily reading every post, even sharing the my favorites with Spencer.

  4. New to the Camp Patton club, and in the 3.5 posts I've read, I can already tell I'm gonna be a faithful.

    And my 4 year old, Joan, will grow up to be that last model. Don't believe me?

  5. I believe that rompers are a sign of the impending apocalypse.

    Excellent choices!

  6. I am going to link up for the first time ever this time around!

  7. It would be a mistake to not judge people wearing rompers.

  8. Man, I was so close to buying those patterned shorts today. They are super cute and flattering, and were 30% off. Wait, why didn't I buy them? Oh yeah, I have to pay for a bunch of people to eat at my wedding reception in three weeks. Sigh. The only thing that's making me feel better is that if I stalk the GAP for the next month or so, I can probably get them for way cheaper than 30% off. I hope. Long comment, sorry!

  9. i'm sorry, i completely 100, well maybe 81% do not understand. can you explain for those that are blog-challenged?



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