beat the heat

30 June 2012

Sebastian says, "torture."

Is it 100+ degrees where you live too? I'll be careful not to complain because I will take a heat wrath rash and is-this-skimpy-outfit-immodest-or-just-sensible? over grey skies and not-enough-overpriced-North-Faces-in-the-world-to-convince-me-to-go-outside (which is why you'll find me living in a strictly tropical climate when the joy that is residency comes to a blessed end in precisely 1095 days).

We're weathering another Simonless Saturday over here and surviving with the help of:
1. Watermelon turned sticky juice alllllllllll over the floor and the lowest two feet of every interior wall c/o Sebastian's happy hands
2. Julia's continued insistence on ditching the diaper and wearing only the emperor's new clothes while reading books to an uninterested Sebastian from her little throne while I Google "is two fistfuls of Swedish Fish too much reward for two teaspoons of potty productivity?" because I'm running out of enthusiasm and cheerleading steam in that and almost every parenting department.
3. Our little morning jaunts around the hood before the temperature hits a high of 'will melt children' where we encounter every headphoneless male that is willing to furrow his brow at Julia's unmistakable and detailed announcements about her potty triumphs while I blurt out, "don't you mean you see a doggy?!" or "please be quiet, he doesn't care" or "almost home, please stop talking" in between multiple to infinite gasps for breath depending on the state of the incline or decline we are enjoying at the time.

Because I'm confident you are always curious about the intricate details of life with the poky little puppies.

And lest I leave a single 'tail out, I've been thoroughly enjoying this book while the kids simultaneously nap and/or are simultaneously quiet which is many hours on end as you can imagine.


  1. Finished the Bride's House yesterday! Let me know what you think, I had mixed feelings in the end.

    Also, it looks like Basher and Julia switched personalities in the pictures.

  2. That book sounds like a fun summer read..adding it to my library list!

  3. Love that photo of Julia! It's a framer. I hope to finish the Bride's house tonight. Loved the first two parts!

  4. LA is obnoxiously temperate, so you should put it on your list. AND favorite pic of Sebastian ever? Face? Pink stroller? It's the best. I have to scroll down to get it off my screen so I can stop laughing.

  5. I have been dying for a new book recommendation. The few days reading is always followed by many many days of agonizing over book choices. Is it just me or does every book deal with 50 shades of wiggidy whack or children/mothers dying. I can't do those thinks, thankyouverymuch.

    Looking forward to trying Bride's House. I also just DLed the sample of Jen's book. I have been meaning to read it!

  6. Connecticut is sweltering right now. Def. counts as tropical. I even have a palm tree in my dining room. If that's not a sure sign of tropics (and clah-assy interior design skills), then I don't know what.
    So I think you should start considering New England for your move on the 1096th day.

    p.s. disregard all previous posts of mine pertaining to snow/cold. It's just my super sneaky way of keeping the "undesirables" out of the CT. It's totally exaggerated.

    1. Agreed, we need some good NFP doctors in New England. And I'll babysit your kids for free.

  7. Ahhh it's been 110 here which is really abnormal... that and we had a huge storm that wiped out power to half of the people in the area. Luckily I've still my AC but many aren't! :(

    I wish I could still pull that Julia pose and run around the public fountain in my Big Bird bathing suit, but I think it's socially frowned upon after you pass the age of 10 or something.

  8. That first picture is priceless!!!

    Also, Happy 1 Year Of Residency Over Day!!! YAY!
    Are you two doing anything to celebrate?

  9. Yeah, it like a 100 degrees here too. Feels like a million. I'm jealous Julia likes the potty and does it of her own accord. I still have to drag Andrew to use the potty...

  10. It's been so hot here as well! That book looks great, I haven't heard of it before. I'm adding it to my Kindle list.

  11. That picture of Julia is so cute!!

    We are having some North Face loving weather here. I'm not saying I want it to be 100, but I would settle for a little warmer. I seriously wore a thermal shirt today.

    So you're saying there's not a chance of you moving to Oregon after Simon's residency is over? I'm going to go cry.

  12. i love it!!!!!!!!!! is that... joy? glee? a smile?

  13. that first pic is so so cut e:)

  14. I just came over from my friend Merrick's blog and noticed that you are also a resident wife. My husband just started IM residency in Fresno (and yes, it's super hot here too, ew.) Although we just started I want to say that I feel your pain about residency. Man it can be rough. I'm so glad my husband's residency is only 3 years because we're just starting and I already want to be DONE.

    Your blog (and kiddos!) are darling. Nice to "meet" you!



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