instavida: New Mexico

19 June 2012

1. Uncle Pedro and Skinny Mouse
2. Aunt Sawah and there's something about Julia

3. Mascara application
4. amused for zero seconds

5. enjoying
6. the talent show

7. Uncle Andrew got Sebastian's swimsuit on in 22 minutes flat
8. Uncle Paul missed the no smile memo

 9. teeeeeny tiny balloonist
10. off to drink Margaritas without the kids

11. speechless
12. hoping that it was a large chocolate animal cracker to devour with his two bottom teeth slivers

13. horse and pony
14. speechlesser

I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for forgetting to bring my camera when visiting my family in New Mexico last week. Fine, I will. Forgiven. Anyway, sorry for the glut of gram goodness -- I promise not to dump anymore on you for a very short and unspecified period of time.  


  1. I love Julia wearing the goggles, must remember to try that on my niece :)

  2. I wonder if people feel about the New England in my pictures the way I feel about New Mexico in yours? Like, "Wow. That is so beautiful. I wonder if the people who life there realize how beautiful it is?"
    Only, you know. Less green. More adobe.

  3. "large chocolate animal cracker"....git in mah belly!

  4. The no smile vs smile one was pretty funny.

  5. Is your mother's rear end really as large as it looks in that photo?

    1. Only when viewed through rose-colored swim goggles....

  6. my favorite is J's rendition of there's something about mary.

  7. #10 - oh yes, that is definitely smile-worthy. =)

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