Simon's doppelgänger

04 June 2012

How is it 2:50 in the afternoon? I don't know.
"Time flies when you're having fun!" -- ringing oh sooo true today. Definitely. 

Anyway, looking back at jollier times...
We had the pleasure of seeing Kelly Jo and Ben this weekend in Wichita.  Julia kindly showed off her best meltdown skills for the first hour of our hangout but everyone else (Sebastian included) acted like civilized adults and we had a superb time seeing them. Kelly Jo reminded me of the Simon look(exactly)alike she had found at a garage sale several weeks ago. The cover of an old copy of Robinson Crusoe ...

I believe the reaction you're wanting to type is, "uncanny."

And just as soon as Sebastian can grow a curly wig he can join the happy crew too.

PS ... Erica kicked off the first day of the first week of OTI today ... check it now.


  1. Holy cow. How is that not an actual portrait of Simon painted specifically for portaiture purposes????

  2. Wow, that is freakishly weird...I wonder if my face is on the cover of something random somewhere. It'd probably be something lame like "Frumpy housewife Quarterly" though.

  3. I'm a little jealous of those in ahead time zones because you all are closer to the work day being done than us West-coasters.

    Those pictures are EXACTLY the same. That's crazy.

  4. eerie. he should totally bank on this new found phenomenon.

  5. How much did he get paid to pose?

  6. tell me you have this framed in the house.

  7. just like him. also that is awesome that you got to hang out with kelly jo.

  8. That is a remarkable match. How embarrassing.



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