Sunday Haircut

29 January 2012

Sebastian had lost most of his hair but he had a remaining double decker rat tail that simply wouldn't shed. Simon kindly took matters into his own clippers and gave him the Dr. Evil this morning.  Sebastian is obviously a huge fan of his new look.

bonus: Her highness was (of course) jealous of the buzz and all of the attention Sebastian was getting, so we had to feign a Mrs. Evil.

Winners all around.

I trust your Sunday is going just as swimmingly.


  1. Sebastian looks totally pleased with his hair cut! Too cute!

  2. I love the fakers cut! I've given approximately one million (evil voice) of those in my day.

  3. Ummmm sooo THOSE CHEEKS! Especially in pic 4 - I die! They have to be the cutest chubby baby cheeks ever!
    And I love that Princess J wanted fair and equal treatment. She's a hoot!

  4. Funniest Sea-Bass photos........EVER. Still ROTF!! -GPS

  5. So when exactly did Sebastian grow up? I can't believe how big he is already. Gosh, it's gone by fast ... though I don't wake up all night to feed him.

  6. HAHAHHA. oh, little sebastian is not so little any more! his cheeks are irresistable..



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