7 Quick Takes

08 June 2012

Joining Mrs. Fulwiler for another happy round of Quick Takes.
from our trip to Wichita last weekend. The Princess and Grandma.

1. I meant to say this last week but I didn't ... congrats to Jessica for landing her dream job!!  I'm going to see her this weekend and will give her a nice congratulatory pat on the shoulder blade. Get ready Jess -- I might even be wearing my swimsuit.

2. Simon's mom (pictured above and below) made these for us last weekend in Wichita and I fell in love with them all over again. If I were you I would make them this weekend. Really.

3. Have you heard this song from the Bing commercial that seems to be permaplaying on Hulu? I have horrible taste in music but Julia, Sebastian, and I all love it and listen to on repeat over and over and over. Sometimes we even 'dis' perfectly in time with the beat of the refrain. (difficulty level: difficult)
3a. Since we're talking about awful music and Jen asked for Spanish music suggestions -- this is my absolute fave. You are so very welcome.  (Don't be scared off by the phone convo at the beginning)

4. I was so happy to hear/read that I'm not the only soul wracked with guilt over the fact that I really enjoy the Bachelor/ette. I still like Sean the best. Emily's rose ceremony fake ponytail was a little much this week but her one strap white pantsuit made up for the fashion venial -- forgiveness is all hers.

5. My sister Emily (who! needs! to! blog! WAY! more!) gets to meet Sebastian for the first time today. I think he might already outweigh her at a strapping seven months and many pounds.
We'll see. Also, unbeknownst to her -- he is sleep/waking in her room. Have fun! I've had enough to last me several lifetimes.
his "just woke up" happy face. so handsome. 

6. I was just about to start harassing Jenny about the fact that she hasn't blogged in an eternity (never mind the fact that she just had a baby 4 seconds ago -- I have needs) but she read my mind and generously dropped a post. Thank you.

7. And if you're in the mood for a superb 'how we met -- didn't date -- but then we did --' story, Jenny's sister Lizzie typed it all out right here. You'll love it ... aaaaalmost as much as I love this photo
which proves that Julia is capable of momentarily detangling her paws from my leg hair that I haven't been able to shave because she has been clinging to it so desperately for over a week. This stage/phase/regression better end very soon.

Have a tolerable weekend and go see Jen for many bigger and better posts.


  1. I just listened to the Bing commercial song. twice. I propose that you have fine taste in music. :) Happy Friday!

  2. I'm a bit embarrassed to be commenting so quickly on yet another post (but it's kind of your fault - how do you post so often?!?!) and thought about not saying anything. But who doesn't love a good compliment right?

    The Lumineers + The Bachelor/ette = you had me at hello.

    And in case you didn't know about this, you must:

  3. Bachelorette - got hooked while on maternity leave - and I do like Sean - I'm slowly loosing the appreciation I had early for Doug - I never liked Ryan, but he's even more distasteful now. Chris - annoying.

  4. Grace, Grace, Grace... Why can't we be neighbors and watch the Bach on Hulu together, while secretly hoping for that stupid Hawaii commercial to play yet again JUST to hear that mysterious and wonderful song? Which you have so graciously finally identified for me. Amen. And yes, what Alisha said. I Hate Green Beans is a MUST for all serious Bach/ette aficionados...

  5. Thanks for the shoutout...woop woop. very excited/scared. And I love Sebastian's wake up from a nap face.

  6. Lot's of business on my agenda for you today. Take notes.

    1. Love that song. Right up my alley, there.
    2. I only watched the Bachelor/ette a few seasons, but get this: I ran the yearbook when I was still teaching, and our yearbook reps that I met with every week...well, they were Bob the Bachelor's mom and sister. Rubbing elbows. I know.
    3. I have to ask...since I am a little new to the camp: how about you tell me about your love for Spanish. I love Spanish (I even "snuck" into the Spanish classes in college just so I could learn more. nerd.), and just wanted to know where your love came from.

    That concludes our meeting. Happy Friday!

  7. Love the pics!! Baby Sebastian is too precious!

    Also, thanks for my fresh new addiction to the song you posted on your blog! It's been on repeat for oh, 5 or 6 times...

  8. Someone else with kids watches all their TV shows on Hulu? A TV channel salesman was trying to convince me yesterday that I needed DVR since he could hear the little one sleeping on my lap and that is the only way you can watch TV shows all the way through with a little one. Guess he's never heard of Hulu.



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