date night: City Museum

18 June 2012

I know my cell pic collages adorned with descriptive blips will not even come close to adequately explaining the labyrinth of insanity that is the City Museum in downtown Saint Louis. Everything inside and outside the museum is made from recycled/repurposed material. Think hundreds of bread pans, old shocks, rubber stamps, Daniel Boone's son's legit log cabin, hunks of old gorgeous architecture from ancient buildings that you jist downt see enymor on modern day structures, and so so so so SO much more. More including slides -- lots and lots and lots of terrifying slides. I only went down one and was generous with my shoe brakes so I can't imagine flying down the 10 story monstrosity in the dark. Nope. Cannot.

Here is
a) the wristband waiver that suggests you list your phone number in case you get injured/knocked unconscious -- I chose to play with fire and left it blank
b) a list of all the slides of which we saw not that many because this place is huge huge huge and lots of things are kind of hidden -- in a good fun way

Speaking of huge
a) I walked down the stairs that you must scale to get to the slide and my legs are feeling the gelatinous burn two days later
b) burn burn burn

and the exterior
a) yes, that is a bus dangling from the rooftop. Simon braved it -- I'll let you guess who most certainly did nothing of the sort.
b) kids/monkeys climbing very very very high cage things on the roof

and on the tippy top of the roof
a) this very long slide
b) that can also be climbed overhead - not for me

also on the roof
a) Ferris wheel with shaky cars - my palms are still perspiring
b) a praying mantis for kicks and prayers

and what have we here?
a) much to Simon's absolute delight and my chagrin a thrift store!!!!!!!!!!
b) a whole rack of butchered cropped mens polo shirts - why oh why?

back to the business at hand
a) Simon asked if we should make ducks faces to go along with our selfie celly shot? we didn't and you're welcome
b) f-f-f-ff-f-fff-f-f-u-u-u-u--uu-nn-n--n-nn-n-n-n

and if you're a real adventurer and want a real museum feel
a) you're in good company. Simon loves a good placard and this place has plenty.
b) I prefer pictures to words -- as you know.

and then we put on our open-toed fancy shoes and nicer shirts and went to Bridge because we had a giftcard and it was very, very good and surprisingly reasonably priced
a) sorting through the encyclopedia of beer
b) I enjoyed some sparkling Moscato and lots and lots and lots of food that I won't bore you with here

Moral of the post: if you are ever in Saint Louis I would highly highly recommend going to the City Museum but let me babysit your kids that cannot walk up multiple flights of stairs at a fairly swift pace.
Just keep this handy equation in mind:
City Museum + strollers/baby carrier = instant death of fun. don't do it.

And if you just want to come over and watch our funions while we go back ... that's your problem but I won't complain.


  1. $1 sweaters? Hot damn!

    Also, how did Steven live in St. Louis for a year and not know about the 10 story slide? Guess this means we'll have to make a trip back soon! (Actually I think we're heading that way at the end of July. I'll keep you updated! :D)

    Glad you and Simon had what appeared to be a fabulous date night!

  2. That looks awesome! I totally want to go to St. Louis now! Too bad it's 1,500 miles (or so) away...

  3. I've been there, it really is fun! I always enjoy reading your funny! :)

  4. This is pretty much the coolest looking thing ever. If I were single and childless I would drive there now to go there, seriously.
    Super fun that you guys got a date night out alone!!

  5. Wow, my boys would love climbing all over that place, and you could watch Maggie and Xander for me. What a fun date night!

  6. When I first found your blog, I loved how similar our lives seem (you know, from the transparency of the Internet). First-our firecracker daughters who have such stellar language skills (while in the hospital, Ross kept calling bc mary Kate wanted trucks. Um, honey, that's applesauce. Duh.) There were many more but I'd look (more) like a stalker. But today, you had me at moscato. Oh! Mi favorito!!! Hope it was wonderful! Thanks for the blog rec too!!

  7. I've been there before, crazy place! I went with on a get together with some girlfriends from grad school. We came to one slide, and it was dark and we couldn't tell where it went. So my old roomie decides to just jump on there and go. We ask her how it was and we hear... nothing. Then another one goes, and each time, once they go, we hear nothing, so we still don't know where this slide goes that keeps swallowing people whole.

    I was the last one to go, and it turns out that this particular slide was quite short, but but my roommate thought it would be funny to freak us out by keeping quiet and keeping everyone else quiet when they came down!

  8. When my husband and I were first married, we lived across the MO/IL border in Belleville. We were only there six months so we didn't see a lot of the "sights", but we did go to this! Who needs to see the Arch when you can visit this crazy place?! :)

  9. That place looks specially designed to break me of my multiple phobias. Stuff on roofs? Stuff dangling off roofs? Rickety steps? Praying mantises? Seriously, the only thing missing is merging onto a highway!

    Well, time spent together is a must, or it all starts to crumble, so pat yourself on the back for making it happen!

  10. Duuude! That looks amazing! I so want to go and ride every.single.slide.

  11. I love, love, LOVE the City Museum.We took our then 3 yo last year and he came out of the building screaming at the top of his lungs "This was the best day of my life!!!!" And still to this day talks about it each and every week. We are planning our return trip the weekend after the 4th!

  12. Gabriel just had me mapquest CT to MO to see if we could go to the museum today.
    A brief 18 hour junket.
    Sorry Gabriel, we got started too late today to make it in time.
    Maybe tomorrow.

  13. I am not totally sure I get what the museum is all about...(art, thrift store, giant slides...) but it looks fascinating. Hahaha of course Simon loves placards. Reed does too but it takes him forever to read them. Also, I can't tell since he is sitting down, but in that last photo, did Simon purchase one of the cropped polos?

  14. remember when simon wanted to read the placard at UD? sigh.

    should we go back to this place when i come?! omg!

  15. If I ever go back through St. Louis, I will
    a) totally hit up this museum
    b) meet you and your family and pretend we met in college (how old are you?)

    and depending on how b) goes, I'll
    c) watch Julia and Sebastian for ya

  16. City Museum sounds awesome. We will most definitely check it out if we ever find ourselves in the St. Louis area. Except, I'm so afraid of heights so I'd probably chicken out of everything too.

  17. Some friends and I went to the City Museum in college and it was SO much fun! I want to go back for sure but it's certainly not in Max's near future. Did you play in the giant ball pit?

  18. Hahaha, I love your witty writing. If I happen to have someones random children with me - i will remember you equation :) Or, just fly your kids to Florida, I will watch them and you can enjoy the museum! hmmmm...not creepy at all...Anyways, the trip looked amazing!

  19. Ok I just looked up ticket prices to go visit you. Those slides look like SO much fun!

  20. SO it looks like the"thrift store" is more like the you lost it and we found it store! ha!

  21. I want to go, I want to go, I want to go!
    Yes, you may watch my children, thank you for the kind offer.
    Now to convince the hubby....

  22. Ok. Coming to see you in St. Louis and we're gonna slide. No. Wait. Maybe you can slide and I'll watch. That's kind of my MO. Watchin' people do scary things. That's the life.

    Also, I have a blog friend in the St. Louis area who loves this place and blogged about it a while back. I don't know why I'm sharing that. I sound like a 5-year-old.

    The end.

  23. That looks like so much fun. Have you tried the Magic House in Kirkwood?



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