follow the leader: chocolate chip cookie style

07 June 2012

After seeing this prize winning recipe for chocolate chip cookies over on Nat the Fat Rat's blog I .. did absolutely nothing about it. Then I saw that Janssen and Merrick had made them and raved about them and so I decided to follow their lead after realizing I had nothing on the docket for dinner one night last week. I'm very good at following and very horrible at leading (although there are some things I willn't ever fall for: hi-lo dresses/skirts, rompers, Dr. Who, platform sneakers, Harry Potter, and cloth diapering-- everything else is probably game). One of my favorite things to do but that I am generally no good at doing is baking and coincidentally one of Julia's favorite things to do but is generally no good at is to help me bake. Win win win win win.

Here we are
(yes I would prefer that she just be addicted to a pacifier rather than a HUGE empty bottle but this is the way God made her -- for now)
being productive with probably the best shot of Julia's haircut ever, matching muted shirts, and basil that I haven't killed yet from Lowes.

Here are the men waiting patiently for their fortifying meal
Sebastian is suddenly looking so trim ... extra cookies for him.

Here is my assistant 2.5 minutes after we started mixing the dry ingredients
empty bottle and troop of faux fur blankies win every single time.

Here is the fruit of our labor/lazy
I know. They look nothing like the real deal but I didn't want to make the two minute drive to the store to buy Cristco sticks because two minute drives to the store with the kids turn into evening long headaches and I'm fairly certain Julia added extra flour at some point but I like cakey cookies (cakies? -- no, grace) and if I pop them in the freezer before serving our youngest princess they are perfect for Sebastian's one snaggle tooth and his otherwise toothless gums.

They were good enough to make Julia cast off her fur and ditch her security bottle
 which is always a major miracle.

So if you don't have dinner simmering in the crockpot or big plans for Chick-fil-A tonight like some of us -- dinner is calling your name -- my fellow copycats of the w-cubed.


  1. No, seriously, I don't understand.
    No Doctor Who?
    Like, ever? EVER? Under no circumstances whatsoever would you become a fan of the Doctor? You DO know there's 11 of them to choose from, right?


    And I'm glad someone else has come out of the not falling for hi/low dresses, Harry Potter, Dr Who, rompers or cloth diapering closet. I was feeling pretty lame (but right) about all that. High fives in solidarity.

    But...did anyone ever like platform sneakers?!

  3. I am a horrible baker. Probably why my kids are so skinny! Never bought a crisco stick in my entire life...on my list of big NO's.

  4. K, totally with you on the hi-lows, rompers, and platform sneakers. I have had brief forays into cloth diapering and did not hate it.

    But! Doctor Who?!? And Harry Potter?!? WHY?

    I'd marry the 10th doctor if he came knocking.

  5. Grace, This has nothing to do with cookies....but make the side-braid look good! :)

  6. That pic of Julia curled up with her bottle is so the picture of babyhood. Love it. And what are cristco sticks? They sound terrible. That's why there's butter.

  7. I think I'll have to try this one out. All I ask is that they aren't crunchy. Cakies are fine with me!

  8. I bet Cari is going to be very sad when she reads this, but I've never, nor desire to ever, Dr. Who either. Or Harry Potter. Or platform sneaker. Or any of the other things except the cloth diapering. Which I'm ONLY doing for financial reasons and not because I care about the Earth. Sorry, Earth.

  9. Just because I am so so so so competitive, and the biggest chocolate chip cookie lover on the planet, you must try this recipe:

    I'll never go back to another choc chip cookie recipe ever. Plus, no yucky crisco...just awesome butter.

    And I don't even know what Dr. Who is. I am 100% serious.

  10. 1. i used to rock platform sneakers in high school. proudly. 2. you said you would never ever fall for jeggings or maxi dresses and look at ya now. 3. those cakies look freaking incredible. you should sneak some into your suitcase for me. 3. you got some fabulous shots of julia's haircut in this post.

  11. New commenter here, but (1) you've got a fantastic sense of humor; (2) I've given my kids worse hair cuts than that, and they haven't turned against me yet; (3) no Crisco -- just use butter (and I even commit the mortal sin of melting it in the microwave); (4) and my youngest (#8!) walks around with his empty bottle in his mouth all the time. I've never seen anything like it, so I was amazed to see your daughter does it, too!

    God bless and thank you for making me laugh out loud!

  12. Ha ha! My Ellie does that with her bottle too!! So Weird, like watch a horse suck on wood! Also. Ditto on the bad hair cuts.

  13. Also. I fixed the email thing like you said to. Genius! Thanks!

  14. Delicious! I might need to go eat one from my freezer right now. . .

    Also, Harry Potter? I am so sad for you.

  15. I just have to note that when my five-year-old daughter saw that second picture, it led to an ah-hah moment for her in which she explained to me that the reason that that baby in the picture is so happy, and our baby is angry and yells all the time, is because our baby doesn't have a comfy pad on her high chair, and can't see out the window while she eats. Good to have that all straightened out!

  16. I am a new commenter but love your blog :) I would argue that the attachment to giant bottle is a plus-- my son's pacifier is constantly getting lost in the crib/bed/car/floor and i am frantically pawing around in the dark for it while he screams. At least a bottle is easier to spot! :) Thanks for being so amusing....



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