OTI: You Decide

15 June 2012

I initially saw the top photo of Emma Stone and used what I could see of her ensemble as my outfitspiration but upon further Stone stalking I realized that I probably came up a little to a lot short with my 'fit but I think life will go on and on. I think.

Please cue:
1. soundtrack of two crying children 
2. paranoia that the neighbors we've lived next to but I've never met are staring and eye rolling
3. soundtrack of two children crying louder now
all we got ... count your lucky rabbit feet that you don't have to see my unamused face. 
shirt: Old Navy, pants: Target, Shoes: Target

I bet Erica and Kayla are smiling from their posts. 

And now let's see what you lovely ladies plucked and interpreted from the internet ...


  1. I love Emma Stone!! I also love your plethora of colored skinnies. Green Monster coming out! You look great!

  2. heck yeah, very nice. I love your pop of red in the hair tie. well played.

  3. I love it, Grace! Emma Stone is beautiful and you interpreted her look perfectly for a busy day with the kids!

    UGH... have you ever tried coming up with a witty comment while having two kids yammering in your ear? (I'm sure you have!) It's tough! lol

  4. So love those skinnies. Why have I not seen the mint ones?

  5. When I saw that inspiration photo at the top of your post I was like, "HEY! Grace has a shirt just like that!"

    Creepy that I have your closet memorized?

  6. When I saw the picture of that guy with Emma Stone, I thought that you had photoshopped Simon's face into the pic! LOL!

  7. Darn! I missed doing this. Next time I want to do this but I loved seeing all the others!

  8. I think you should have had Simon OTI as Andrew Garfield to go along with your Emma Stone! :)



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