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28 June 2012

open-mouthed sisterly solace usually does not cure what ails him.

Rather than report on the big news around here: Sebastian's inexplicably rosy mood and Julia's inside climbing expedition that ended in a lot of innocuous mouth blood and ear piercing toddler screams I'll go ahead and ship you off to more exotic e-destinations.

I feel bad I am about 3 years late in mentioning the Snapshots .. check them over at Cari's blog. There were some real gems this time around, as always.

A priceless Tumblr on one of Simon's old roommate's sense of unique fashion. A true must click. Really.

I hope that one day I can have my home decor act together enough to do this super smart and cute idea c/o Hallie. In the mean time, I'll work on printing and maybe framing a single photo of the kids.

I'm fairly certain I pack more unnecessary necessities for weekend trips and could learn a thing or 16 from Rachel who put together a super handy packing list for her trip to (cue semi-inappropriate envy) Italy.

35 weeks of twin baby bumpage never looked so good. My former singleton bump is only slightly jeal.

Fine, another one: the cutest single bump complete with the most hilarious big-sister-to-be. 

A belated welcome and congrats to Dwija and her sweet Mary Isabel! I'm dying to read her homebirth story so if she could just get right on that . . .

Colleen's anatomy of her (long!) run ... inspires me and my one minute bursts of morning jog.

And some insanely delicious looking 4th of July cocktail ideas that will make you very, very thirsty. 

Happy clicking. Stay cool.


  1. wondering how i got so many clicks today-bc of you! of course :)

  2. Thanks for the linkity-link love, love!

  3. ha! i bet your former singleton pregnancy feet, ankles, vertigo, and skin of belly are equally jealous...

  4. I was going to head to bed, but now you've inspired me to read more. See that? Tit for tat.

  5. Now you're sending me out there for more hours of mindless internet browsing. Thanks. (no, seriously thanks. love doing that.)

  6. About to check all those links but first wanted to blame you for the gooey butter cookies I'm about to take out of the oven. All your fault.....phew, I feel better!

  7. Thanks for the love! You are so sweet. xo

  8. I never thanked you for the mention! Thanks, Grace. You make me laugh just about every day, today is no exception, so to get a shout-out (and more hits on my blog than I've ever had before) is a huge ego-booster. :)



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