dry heat

10 June 2012

vacation!!!! cable with lots of channels!!!! getting away with not sleeping in the portacage!!!!

Dear Vacation Diary,

Simon is off watching indoor football with the Seaton men and Emily is off watching baseball (nodding off yet? me too -- the most exciting sports in the world) and the kids are miraculously sleeping at the same time in their respective cages so I'm turning to you to listen to my trip tales. We've been here for a little over 24 hours and already accomplished so much. You don't mind if I number my accomplishments do you?

Fine -- letters for flare.

a. We survived air travel with the kids. It's always, 'oh that wasn't so bad' after the plan touches down but in the actual air it's always, 'never ever ever ever EVER are we leaving St. Louis ever again. Ever.' Julia was mistaken for Sebastian's twin and Sebastian's brother by two separate blind mice on the plane
anddd nothing else is worth reporting because I've successfully blocked it out of my memory forever. Grace has got talent.

 exterior tranquil skies cancel out interior (rhymes with) spitshow

b. We took the kids swimming and Sebastian discovered his calling in life: very serious splashing with absolutely NO smiling. Even massive and accidental gulps of water that choked the professional splasher did not deter him from his task: splashing sans smile. Julia asked to get 'down' (up) the whole time and then got back in and then repeated over and over and over and over. My little creature of not annoying habit.  

c. Simon kindly listened for the kids during their (simultaneous!!!) naps this afternoon so I could slather my entire body with spf 50 and go lay on a glorious raft in the pool with Emily and Sarah. I'm learning the hard way that spf zillion would still be no match for my skin tone (white out) as it feels as though I've rolled in the spikes of a zillion cacti followed by a roll over a salt lick. I won't go all hypochondi on you and say I'm suffering from sun poisoning but you really should feel sorry for me -- I got to bask in the sun sans whines, cries, diapers, and clingers for an hour today.

d. Speaking of kidless enjoyment, Simon and I got to go to Mass without the kids (yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I fully support taking children to Mass but I refuse to admit that I didn't enjoy this uno Mass without them) tonight at the very church where we were married (or as Simon says, 'our boda place'). Many thanks to my Mom and siblings for tending to the tendees in our absence. And you're welcome, Paul, for aiding in your decision to never get married and have kids but to enter the seminary instead. I'm the glad the kids were so well behaved for you. I can't say that I'm surprised.

e.  These are out of order but I realized I forgot the bathing suit that I wasted a lot of time and frustration purchasing a few weeks ago. After one dip in the pool wearing my running gear -- I plucked Simon from his reading perch and took him to his favorite place in the whole entire universe: the malllllll. It wasn't as painful as last time and now I have two exciting options for when we reopen our pool back in St. Louis.

d. I probably shouldn't have included letter e. Who cares? Not you.

f. Or the second letter d. Too much name brand sugary cereal and cable television for me.


Grace "what will tomorrow bring?!" Patton


  1. Your wedding pictures are amazing. I looked at the reception pictures and saw Bishop Conley!!! I'm pretty sure that was him.

    I enjoy reading your blog. I'm a STL girl, since marriage, who found you from Jen's blog. So happy to have all the NFP docs in STL.

  2. So glad that my little one isn't the only one who refuses to master opposites. Liam will go the rest of his life (I'm convinced) believing that everything is down and hot.

  3. So glad you guys are having, had, possibly home now? ..a good time! I'm spending as much time taking the kids to the pool (tanning) as possible, so an hour laying out without saving someone from drowning sounds gloooooorious.

    P.S I got to go to mass without the kids last week. Did you know there's a homily somewhere in the middle? Because I didn't. I thought that was the part where you're too busy trying not to get kicked in the face and grabbing little ankles from crawling under the pew.

  4. I took a peak at your wedding pics (because I'm nosy like that) and they are gorgeous!!

    I hope you enjoy lots of BBQ's around the "pool" this summer. ;)

  5. I thought hair and earrings would help differentiate Tati from a boy. People are blind though. Have fun on vaca!

  6. I love it when the Pattons take vacations. Best posts ever. I'm still laughing about the last vacation where you unleashed the power of Julia upon the up-too-late-and-loud neighbors.

  7. I have never had so much fun wasting my time, looking at all your "Simon Says". My husband and yours would get along just fine. Found you through Cari. You all could be the most adorable couple ever. Glad to "meet" you!

  8. Sebastian sounds so much like my little guy! If I remember correctly, they were born about a week apart, and when we went to the beach, Wyatt was intent in rearranging all the sand, sans smile. Because it really is serious business -- I mean, the whole beach needed rearranging, and he's just one guy.

  9. My parents and grandparents got married there too. Beautiful wedding pictures!



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