OTI: Kayla's Pick

13 June 2012

Day Three. I think I can. I think I didn't.
Repeat offender here. I'm wearing another one of my mom's necklaces and the shirt I rolled up and wore Cinderelly Gus style yesterday. I guess it could technically be a tunic or a super scando dress. One of the three. When I told Simon that I felt like a huge frump in this outfit he lovingly replied, "well you can go ahead and blame your sandals because they are only appropriate for frolicking in the desert and feasting on locusts."

So here we have an obvious frolic and a slight frown in the desert but nary a locust in sight.
shirt: Target, skirt: Old Navy, sandals: Old Navy

No more celly photos starting tomorrow, I hope. Sorry for scalding any eyes thus far with these high res images.

Go see how much better Erica and Kayla did on this fine Wednesday. 

And then link up your stuff -- stat.


  1. I have considered wearing a tunic with a maxi and your post has convinced me that I should! I look forward to trying it out. You're adorable.

  2. Ha! I think it's hysterical how much Simon hates your sandals. You know, no matter what I've seen you in, you always look great! Maybe it's your long luscious hair or your beautiful smile or the fact that you're just adorably skinny, after just having a baby not so long ago. =)

  3. First of all, tres impressed with your outfit. Very pretty, indeed. Secondly, your cell phone is taking excellent photos. You win.

  4. Cellphone pics are the bestest, agreed. Loving the look!

  5. I LOVE your sandals. Just saying' :)



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