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12 June 2012

Vacation recaps make the best type of blog posts, don't you agree? They are rivaled only by baby milestone/age posts. Which I never do. Ever.

Where were we? I got lost in judgement land for a hot second. Ah -- our vaca recap continued. The best. I'll go ahead and make this easy on me and easy for you to skim/skip ... more letters.

a. Jessica kindly summed up our precious moments spent together this weekend.
(the only thing ruining this otherwise perfect picture is the unsightly basketball goal/net)

It is truly one of my life's great tragedies that we live so far apart from each other. Hopefully they'll be some weird quake shift of the States soon and St. Louis and Albuquerque will be sudden and friendly neighbors.
Like this.

b. Because this is my self-centered blog I should probably be melodramatic about the fact that while Jessica and Reed were visiting I was stung by a wasp. Simon was inside with Sebastian so I tried to act brave but I still managed to flail my legs wildly (the sting was on my arm) in the pool demanding that Reed "get it off get it off get it off get it off!!". He kindly obliged and Jessica killed the monster while I licked the back of my upper arm wound. Simon made a nice poultice of vinegar and baking soda (after I rejected the aloe lotion). It worked beautifully in case you ever find yourself in a similar predicament. I hope you don't because the sting stung. A lot. Have I not typed enough? Sorry.

c. My family has been overgenerous with their needlet-sitting efforts and hours. Simon and I were spoiled with kidless dining and movie watching (hilarious and inapprop and hilarious). Julia is going to be sad to leave the land of endless fresh fruit, positive attention, and dogs that run at the very sight of her eager eyes. Sebastian is going to miss the dogs that sprint at the very thought of his eagerer eyes, army crawl, and grubby grabby paws.

d. For the past few weeks Julia has been waking up multiple times a night. She is usually a good sleeper and only cries if she is throwing up or sick with the plague so I've been stupidly indulging her wake ups but enough was enough was enough. For the past two nights Simon has smartly turned the baby monitor off during her first round of crying. I anxiously bite my cuticles as I watch the red lights signal serious wailing which only lasts about one or two minutes and then she sleeps for the rest of the blessed night. I have now successfully jinxed myself into a horrible night tonight. This has nothing to do with vacation but I like to share as much as possible here. I can feel your gratitude radiating through the internet.

e. When we get home I think we're going to have to move Sebastian out of the master attic suite and implement a similar plan because I think he's had enough middle of the night feedings to last him multiple lifetimes.
Unless my doting eyes deceive me.

f. Why am I still typing about sleep training? Because I hate you, that's why.

g. Almost to z so I'll stop with Thursday's Open to Interpretation winner -- Check it.


  1. When you aren't a parent, you wish everyone would just shut up about sleeeeeep. And then when you become a parent, you can't stop talking about it. Thank heavens there are other parents out there.

  2. Hahahahaha! "Because I hate you, that's why"

    You are the awesomest.

  3. are you for real on that first photo of me?

  4. Your grossly underfed son's belly and mine totally match. Except mine is of course sculpted and chiseled...

  5. Lucky for you I love videos of children. I often neglect my own just so I can watch them. I also may have shed a solitary tear at the meeting of Julia and Bash. Meeting of the minds.

  6. So is that the spanx-like bathing suit, or the replacement one?

  7. Ditto Dweej. "Because I hate you, that's why".
    Current gold medal winner of funniest blog line.

  8. See, in my world, you practiced great self restraint in typing no more about the being stung. I hate stingy things! And creepy crawly things.

  9. sebastian reminds me of a younger, squisher justin timberlake in that last photo!



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