bad haircut

06 June 2012

(I know I've typed about this a million times before. I'm obviously totally over it)

Right before my last semester of college and while I was on Christmas break I took the advice of Jessica and went to a new (to me) place in Albuquerque to get my hair cut. I stupidly thought I would look great with a style just like that of Sienna Miller's with a little more length so that I could still pull it back in a ponytail.

The stylist obviously mistook 'ponytail' for 'rat tail' because by the time I walked out I was rocking ear flaps of hair and a teeny tail tail down my neck. My room mate's boyfriend kindly picked me up from the airport back at school and understandably assumed, "you must've wanted a more professional look for potential job interviews?"


I just wanted to look like Sienna but now I looked like business casual meets trash tail.

Not that my broomstick hair is any better now but it is nice to have styling options other than 'all business' and 'little boy'.

Enough about me, as always. Onto poor (for once) Julia and her worse than Sienna wannabe haircut c/o former Sienna wannabe. I can't help myself with the Cutco scissors (that can cut a penny!) when it comes to any trace of a mullet on her neck. I took things a little too far last week when I gave her the worst chop to date. She is just one date with the clippers away from a legit bowl cut. I'm 100% sure that Sebastian's wisps currently win the length contest and that the 'we don't need to pay for a haircut!' momclamation loses all validity from here on out.

Fortunately, the pictures don't do it justice . . .
if Julia could think (out loud) ... from top to bottom
1. I only speak in monosyllabic exclamatories but I know that you need to put the Cutcos down and go away.
2. prity!
3. at least you left a long chunk behind my left ear -- the better to continue to block out and not hear your attempts to discipline me
4. a blind man with a butcher knife would've done a much better job

Because she is in the craziest clingy stage ever ever ever, she forgave me immediately because she needed me to 'hold you'
but if anyone asks ... yes, she got into the scissors and knives and nail clippers and cut her own hair all by herself.


  1. I remember the Sienna Cut, I think I got it as well and I think we both looked cute for a week. Till it started to grow out and it was just bad.

    Hahahahahaha, poor julia.

  2. poor J. i would have gotten out a buzzer and gone to town...don't trust me to cut!

    holy cow, didn't mean to yell that. But upon reflection, I think I'll keep it, since I reeeeaaaaalllly hope there's pictures.
    And that you'll send them to me.

    And think of it this way- her cut is so distinctive people will just refer to it as "The Julia". Like "the Jennifer Aniston" or "the Dorothy Hamil".

  4. The best thing*one of* the best things about babies is that they can make awful look good. Bad hair cuts become "AWwwww! Look at the silly willy baby with the funny hair cut! It's so cuuuuuuuuute" Same thing goes for babies wearing weird clothes, or with food in their hair, etc.

  5. Love the last picture, so sweet...and she'll forgive you someday :)

  6. She's actually pulling it off pretty well! I've been going back and forth over whether to cut my daughter's hair for months and now she has a full-fledged mullet. I think I'll just paint a Harley motif on her bike and embrace it.

  7. I'm ready for my hair to grow out. And if you cut your hair short like mine, I will cry.

  8. Well, Julia is rockin' it!

    Rose also says "hold you?" when she wants us to hold her and I adore it. We've been through the clingy stages, too, always a lot of fun!

  9. If it makes you feel any better it is way better than my mom's haircut she gave my brother. Have you ever seen Sweeney Todd. It looked a little like that aftermath.

  10. hilarious. julia and i have both been struck down by the blades that take down all vain confidence. although-you could just say it was intentional and call it a pixie. it's pixie-ish..

  11. I cut all 4 of my boys' hair because it saves us some serious $$, and it only mostly involves clippers. I have one, though, who's hair grows in an odd way, and I'm forever thinking that I do such a bad job with his hair. He's 15 now and I'm seriously thinking about a visit to a professional. I have one daughter, and I have never cut her hair - too scared for that!!

  12. Oh man, I cut Paul's hair with cuticle scissors one day while he was nursing. It was SUPER special.

  13. Laughing out loud! I went back to read your post about the broomstick haircut (because your hilarity was missing from my life at that time) and I was just dying over your response about your neck. Oh my gosh. I don't even know what I would do if someone told me a scar on their neck was an accident!

  14. I think Julia looks adorable. I love the first two pictures. They're amazing!

  15. P.s. you look radiant in the last picture.

  16. I have laughed myself to tears reading this post! You seriously crack me up!!

  17. Ok, but the last picture is just darling darling darling. You are a beautiful Grace!

  18. My mother told me recently I needed "to go home and cut his hair!" with the clippers mind you, regarding my son's longish locks! Needless to say it came out looking worse than Julia's! At least you left it longish behind the ears, I think I barely missed an artery with my butchering job. Thankfully I stopped shortly thereafter! Next day, my mom cleaned up the top and sides to "blend" in with rest. ;)

    Love the last picture of you girls! My little guy used to ask us to "hold you" all the time, but now it has turned into asking if he can pick you up, as in "Can I pick you up?"!

  19. After a couple of bad attempts at cutting boy hair, I found this video on YouTube- Blending scissors are an absolute must, and they're worth every. single. penny... especially on my little blonde whose chop marks show up really, really well without them. I have 3 boys, and I'm hoping that succeeding at this will save me a pretty penny one day... =)



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