What I Did Last Night ...

06 June 2013

... cryptic enough? Well this is a blog post so I'll be as forthcoming as I usually am.

I think I've told you 99 times I get pretty bad insomnia from time to time. Last night was a time. Well I tried to speedwatch to the bitter end of Ready For Love but I couldn't do it so I had to Google the results and was shocked to discover that one of the couples is still standing. Then I went on a long quality article tangent about Bachelor alum and things just kind of spiraled upward from there.

But before I did all that to the tune of Theo grunting just loud enough to not be ignored I finally finished a guest post that I had promised Madeline over a week ago. She is a kind and patient soul. She blogs over at Uber Chic for Cheap and is an absolute wizard at all things finding-Jcrew-stuff-at-clearance-Forever-21-prices and it was one of the first blogs I ever read and followed. That she even knew I existed was a very pleasant surprise.

Anyway. Enough of my love letter to her.

I wrote about dressing the postpartum figure which is always a rip-roaring good time ...

Facial edema? It's a thing.

She's running a whole series and every single post prior to mine is amazing. Enjoy!!

And now I'm off to enjoy a teeth cleaning so you should probably get your jealous hats on and get 'em on strong.


  1. If I would have had to guess ( and I did) I would have guessed the one couple together would be THe couple not still together. I was not a jenna fan. I totally thought Shandi and whats his face (seriously drawing a blank) would have maybe ended up together, I mean he DID say he loved her. First girl everrrrrr

  2. I have a teeth cleaning today too. And right about now it's sounding pretty fantastic.

  3. Thanks again for contributing! I loved your post & am kind of tickled that writing for uber chic was a bit of a thrill. Consider my ego boosted.

  4. I had my teeth cleaned 3 weeks ago and just had 3 cavities fillrd on front teeth on Monday so nah ;p

  5. I almost peed my pants laughing at the caption on your article for Madeline's blog, I had E in August and I would have given my left arm for a puffer vest, thank God for maxi dresses!



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