Open To Interpretation

05 June 2013

Welcome to another round of Open To Interpretation where I pretend like I'm 1/100th as fashionable as my favorite fashion blogger. And then I slink back into my flops and cottontail bun.

This week, in lieu of an inspirational picture, Erica threw us a curve ball and sent a quote ...

oh no she didn't.

She did. And then I missed Downtown terribly and felt guilty for being so Scandal obsessed of late. And then I snapped right on out of it. Kerry Washington's wardrobe for president. Not funny. Not laugh.

To my interpretation where I think I failed most miserably ...

taking a page out of Sebastian's closet.

And how exactly is this unpredictable? I really thought I was going out on a crazy limb with some boots + shorts (do you read Sean's sister's blog? annny way for me to get closer to the franchise) but now I think I could've inched out a little further than I did. I live in suburban St. Louis though sooooo wearing this to Costco feels similar to wearing formal wear to Applebees. Maybe trying a little too hard.

I don't think the pictures do it justice but my hair looks like it was painstakingly lathered in coconut oil because I forgot to rinse the shampoo out yesterday morning. Again!! I do this far more often than I should and it drives me and my 11 minutes in the bathroom every third morning before I retrieve the crying from their cages - insane. Space cadets are less spacey than I yam while the kids are crying.

I grew up in New Mexico where turquoise jewelry has always been all over the place and I know it's been cool and hip and trendy for years now but if you had told me that I would've been scouring eBay for $4 plastic turquoise necklaces in the very distant future I would've told you to tell me to get a little bit of a life. 

shirt - Old Navy (I think it's on super duper clearance now - very soft and I want 12 more)
shorts - cut off denim from Costco circa 2007. There was a time they sold fancyish jeans.
Boots - eBay
necklace - eBay

Now!! Wake up!! And go see what Erica and Kayla have up their Mary Crawley sleevage ...

OTI Erica Grace Kayla


  1. I think you look very very pretty, as always!!! Would give my left arm to look as good as you in short jeans.

  2. I like it. Up north this isn't too far of a stretch for running to town, though your look is far classier and cuter than 'round these parts! Lookin' good!

  3. I am amazed you can fit into pants from 2007. I'd have to cut myself in half to make that happen. Sadly I can't even wear my shorts from last summer, and there was no new baby between then and now so I have no excuse!

  4. I like! You totally pull it off :). Thanks for liking your favorite fashion blogger, I am now a follower.

  5. Oh my goodness. Please repost this with a side by side of you and Bash because that is just hilarious. I think you're pulling it off with the rolled up shorts. I look like a total dweeb in wellies no matter what though, so I don't think my opinion is worth much!

    (Oh and I'm a new follower of your fave fashion blogger too!)

  6. this is actually my very favorite off all your open to interpretations...... and now i must go scower the racks at old navy

  7. You should warn people before linking to Sean's sister blog :)... she is so gorgegous and works from home & totally has it together! I felt super inadequate, haha :) Honestly, I actually loved her blog and spent all morning clicking through make up tips and travel with kids tips & reading about her fitness routine. But I would never get up at 4:30am like her? Crazy!

  8. And I love the side by side of you and Sebastian in your matching boots & shorts.

  9. you can never fail with shorts and a long-sleeve tee...or matching your toddler. NEVER.

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  11. I found your blog and am in LOOOOOVVVEEEE! I love how honest and refreshing it is! So Im reading all of your posts from way back and just had to comment that I have that same shirt and a peach/tan one too :)



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