Sunday Best

02 June 2013

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple, too!

First!! A very Happy Happy Birthday to my other sister, Emily!!

(thanks to Facebook for the stolen photo)

I've got some serious life jealousy right now as she is about to embark on some serious foreign travel and if she doesn't update her blog on the regular while she's gone -- I'll do nothing but I will be very disappointed. Thanks Em!

Onward to the business casual.

The hair got thrown into a Peter Cottontail before we left for Mass. I wore my hair like that every single day for a what felt like several years so I try to steer clear but sometimes you just hafta.

We were so proud of ourselves last night for getting in the car at 4:59 for 5:00 Mass just a few blocks away but theeeen ... plot twist!! We were those people that walked in during the sign of peace. I assumed that they were just doing the "greet your neighbor" rigamarole but after everyone knelt down I realized that we had set a new tardy record. Because we regularly hit up the hospital Mass when Simon is post call and maybe we aren't avid bulletin readers we totally missed that the time had been moved up to 4:30 at our parish. Simon put the minivan pedal to the metal and we raced over to an actual 5pm mass where we (oh soooo smartly) sat in the empty cry room and what were the words Simon used? Oh, yes: pointless and miserable. The kids will be relegated back to pews next week because they went into noisy swine mode in the cry room - too much space and freedom makes for some appalling toddler behavior. Sometimes I think Simon and I were born yesterday when it comes to parenting.

It was interesting to read the comments on Kaitlin's post on wearing sleeveless tops to Mass last week. I think I've probably worn a sleeveless top or two before but maybe I should suck it up this summer and keep my shoulders to myself. We'll see if I stay strong when the humidity hits. Saints have suffered, Grace. 

shirt: old Old Navy
skirt: super old Banana Republic
shoes: Kork-Ease via eBay

behavior grades:
Julia: D- (gave the priest a super awkward side hug on the way out and sort of redeemed herself)
Sebastian: F (it's a wonder he didn't shatter the glass with his recreational fist pounds and happy screams)
Theo: A 

Hopefully you'll link it up with me and mine. Outfits and behavior? Great. Just outfit? Great. Just behavior? Great. I love it all.  

If you want to go the Twitter/Gram route let's hash it #sundaybest and I'll put the photos up here next veek. 

And! Next week I think we're going to tag along with Simon for a tiny work trip so unless I can get some weird interstate WiFi signal I might push it to Monday. Fair warning.

Thanks in advance for joining!! Be glad we're separated by the vast internet because I'd be tempted to kiss you.


  1. I just read the post from More Like Mary and was laughing because both my girls were in sleeveless at mass and while one is 2, the other is almost 7. I thought about getting sweaters, but I thought. Aww, it's not a big deal. Guess I need to rethink kids.

    1. Gah! I haven't thought much about what Hannah should and shouldn't wear! I was too busy thinking about myself! Dresses with sleeves for little girls are hard to find!

  2. can I write a post about my dog's behavior? because they get F's. First we went to my parents house where they proceeded to roll around in cow shit. YUM. then the big one ate my mom's vegetables from the garden by pulling them all out. and now we are home (after bathes), and they won't shut up about every noise outside. FAIL DOGS, YOU FAIL.

    on the upside, your shoes are super cute. I feel the saints would probably approve of them, even if your hussy shoulders were showing ;)

  3. OK, I don't wear sleeveless tops in public (except at the gym...does that count?) but it's not a modesty issue for me, it's just that I hate my arms. But I'll pretend I'm just being modest anyway :)

    I just had to update my blog post to talk about the kid's behaviors and link up to yours. We only get to Mass early now because our boys are altar servers and are supposed to be there 15 minutes early but technically we're late for that and get there about 8 minutes early.

  4. I posted my outfit even though I didn't include my kid's scores. They are 9 and 10 so if they don't get A's then there's a big problem!

    Love those shoes! Too cute!

  5. Never spent time lamenting sleeveless at Mass, though I jacket/sweater over the spaghetti staps or low back. But I have one dress that I do wear to Mass that is a high neck sleeveless I will probably re-think that now.

    I LOVE that outfit. LOVE.

  6. Great blouse!
    Sympathy about the rough cry room experience; ours has pews so we have the sit as usual but don't have to worry as much about volume control which I really appreciate when soloing.

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  8. Just clicked over to your sisters blog and realized I have probably met her considering Jordan is my household brother and your sister and me have probably been students at Franciscan at the same time and we all know how huge that school is.....not.

  9. (This comment was previously posted under my husband's google account by mistake- AWKWARD!)

    I'm sold on those shoes. I know you've written about them several times, but I'm slow on the uptake and just now realize how cute they are.
    Regarding sleevelessness, I take modesty at mass very seriously, but being from California, where people are just less formal, and Fresno, where 110 degrees is all to familiar, it's my opinion that sleeveless can be appropriate for Mass. I do abide by the 4 finger rule (the shoulder has to be at least 4 fingers wide). I also try to make sure the rest of my outfit is extra conservative and that the shirt is not tight. Today in mass I would have passed out if I wore a sweater. It was at least 85 in there, even with AC.
    Anyway, I probably should have just written that in my post! Thanks for creating this link-up! I'm excited to join. :)

  10. Is it okay to grade myself on my Mass behavior today? Probably not, but I'm going to go ahead and do it: I would have to give myself a B-. I did a pretty good job paying attention during an exceptionally long (2-hour!) Mass. BUT, I lose points for breaking one of the Eucharistic Minister Rules when I smiled at a nice lady I knew (who smiled at me) as I was handing her the chalice. We've been told to keep it serious--no greeting folks by name, smiling at them, etc. Oops.

    I actually kind of think Eucharistic Ministering should be like Fight Club--"Rule 1 of Eucharistic Ministering: Don't talk about Eucharistic Ministering." Oops, again.

  11. Wha?!?!I totes missed that you were doing this sweet little link-up, off I go to grade and link!

  12. 4:30 is such a weird time for a Mass... And I totally would have forgotten about our time change except Andrew reminded me!

    I feel like a total failure preeeeeetty much every week with the kids' behavior... I've mastered the "apologetic shame" look so that at least people know that I know they're acting terrible. I think that they just feed off of each other so much, so once Cecilia starts screaming that John Paul is kicking her (when he's not, she's just shoving his feet out of the way so she can get to his other side to take all the books), he feels the need to GIVE her something to scream about, and it just keeps escalating.


    But at least you look awesome!

  13. I'm getting some of those shoes with my Tide money. Immediately.

  14. I don't have any little ones misbehaving in Mass anymore, but I linked up my WIWS post here anyway, after adding some links to your blog and this "Sunday Best" post. I hope that's okay (it feels like cheating).

    Does it count that once I had to take my four oldest boys to Mass when my husband was out of town...and on the way up to Communion (three of them were too young to receive but I didn't trust them sitting alone together in the pew, so we all filed out), two of them started an actual fistfight in the aisle...and I had to try to keep them separated, but we couldn't turn around and retrace our steps, because there was a double line going up and it was so crowded...and they almost missed each other and hit a little old lady ahead of us...and by the time we got up to the front, I was so mortified--and afraid they'd cause an accident involving the consecrated hosts--that I just walked past the priest, holding onto one boy on one side and one on the other...and we all just marched straight out of the church (and I never got to receive Communion)? I believe that day, those two got an F.

    A mother of five boys who survived to tell the tale!

  15. So, I love that you are doing this linkup!

    I am just going through all your linkers, because everyone who is posted seems great!

  16. I love your outfit - especially the top. Really lovely! I linked up even though we didn't (gulp) make it to Mass this weekend. Between the husband's horrible cold, the baby's worser cold and my surgery we couldn't pull it together. But I posted a lovely photo of myself in my jammies and graded the kids the way I would have wanted them to behave at Mass. ;)

  17. I love the color of your skirt!
    Our oldest child and our 4th child are 4 years, 8 days apart. (Two more followed years later.) For many, many years, Mass was quite the ordeal. If they were to be graded, there would have been many, many D-s. It's just no fun to take armloads of children and children's things to church.
    It will get better. I promise. Now, my kids would get A's, except for the 3 year old. He's still a B/C Mass-goer.
    I'm glad you and Simon continue to take the kids, despite the challenges. They'll figure it out eventually, and you'll actually get to listen to the homily someday.

  18. Love the shoes!! I had to laugh at the behavior grades, because the parish we were visiting today uses the confessional as a cry room (oh, the irony!), and my 2 year old literally knocked over the kneeler/divider. Seriously, awkwardly loud. And, I pretty much had to tithe half of our budget to the church for repairs. Lord have mercy!!

  19. Arrghhh I totally got dressed extra special today so I could participate in this aaaand never took a picture. Next week!! I will be here!!!

  20. We don't go to church, but we did go to a Kid's Carnival that my girls had been looking forward to for days and once we got there my 4 year old turned into a whining machine. She gets a D- because was a good listener and really cute when a kids' band was playing, and she followed their instructions for 45 min. Other than that no matter how many cool things she was doing "whhyyy caann't I do thaaaatttt?" Her whining makes my ear bleed. And when she had eaten a quarter of a hot dog and was flipping out over eating the rest she literally grabbed her stomach like she had appendicitis, fell over and screamed I'm too full.

    The almost 2 year old gets a B, she cried a lot but did okay considering she wasn't tall enough to go on a single ride and we didn't realize that and bought a ton of ride tickets that could only be used by her big sister. That was a pretty big parenting fail. So she watched Liv go on a million rides and tried her hardest to break free and get on one too and then screamed and cried at us when she got caught. Also she bit me.

    Then we went grocery shopping. enough said.

  21. Yay for Sunday Best! You look beautiful, as always. Love the business casual, and oh geez I have been stalking ebay for those Kork-ease since you first posted them. Please someone out there, clean out your closet! And thank you for linking to Kaitlin's post. It was the perfect time for me since, you know, I linked up with a sleeveless dress.

  22. Such a cute outfit- esp. that top. Thanks for hosting this link-up!

  23. Oh, the behavior grades made me giggle!

  24. Just when I was thinking, there aren't nearly enough link ups going on, you rise to the challenge. Bravo. And look fabulous as always doing so. Serious blouse envy going on here.
    I forgot to actually give my kids grades, but I don't use grades in my homeschool either. Maybe I could introduce the Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory behavior scale into the mix in the future.



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