Sunday Best

09 June 2013

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Mom and Slim Shadiest. 

Sunday Best it's going to get today. I'm pretty sure my eye makeup, lashes, brows, and the pigment around my eyes have all been furiously rubbed off thanks to a little lovely by first name: seasonal, last name: allergia. Also, this is the second or third or fourth time I've worn this outfit since Wednesday. If you want to get technical and do the math you'll feel great about your 'drobe's variety. I'm sure.

We just pulled into the driveway (why do I always type that driveaway? ... always) after a little weekend away. Half business and half pleasure and you know I'll be punishing you with a post outlining all the important 'tails. The big kids napped for an average of 9 minutes each and so I'm wondering if 5:22 is an acceptable bedtime because their sing songy whines to the tune of, "do re mi is this hitting your very VERY last nerve? we're trying our hardest? fa so la ti do"

[we made it to 6:58 - and I'd like to apply for a certificate of achievement in parenting. thanks]

The kids were in foreign territory today at a whole new parish in Camdenton, Missoura and so they had plenty of new people staring to keep themselves occupied for about eighteen minutes before they started in on the usual: Sebastian cries for "maMA" and I hold him and then he goes limp and raises his hands above his head so that I have no choice but to basically drop him and he does his best to book it out of the pew and up the aisle at which point Julia cries for, "momMY" and things just continue to go swimmingly from there.

report card:
Julia: B+ (asked, "whats goin on wis you?" too loud one too many times)
Bash: C+ (had to be taken to the back where he was kept busy trying to blow out a light bulb with huffs and puffs because he's our little genius)
Theo: A (boring)

And to those that hashed your stuff last Sunday ... I love you:

 We've got ... Henry, Meredith, Katrina and Little J.

Thanks in advance for linking your outfits or your report cards or both or or or or OR. Just thanks.


  1. Here's the difference between you and me...I wore the same outfit multiple times this week, but when you do it, you still accessorize and look amazing with that necklace.

    LOLed literally with your slim shadiest caption and about Sebastian huffing and puffing.

  2. Oh, Grace!!! The clothes I wore today are in the hamper!!! And my kids grades are really boring too. I might still link up :)

  3. Hahaha love that genius Bash :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Trying to blow out a lightbulb might just be the most brilliant child-distraction method I've ever heard of!

  6. My husband has warned that he's going to figure out how to block blogs on the computor because the cute babies are making me next level broody hahaha, but all the squishy chubby cutness, who doesn love that:) And in my defense I'm in prime baby age, people ask me when I'm going to have a baby atleast once a week;)

  7. I had to haul our 21 month old out with my big pregnant self right through the middle of a baptism because he wouldn't stop screaming "NO! BE KIET!" Humiliating...

  8. C+!!! Way to go, Bash!! That's a graduating high school kind of grade!

    Picturing Bash trying to blow out a light bulb fills me with great joy.

    Theo resting chin on stomach - IMPRESSIVE. You are the cutest old man trapped in a baby body. <3



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