Coffee + Chia Seed Smoothie

20 June 2013

Or I guess if we wanted to get weird and fancy ...

Yeah I threw a flower in and it doesn't help my photography noskills. Don't think I sit around sipping smoothies while smelling God's artwork and smiling smugly like some bizarre television mom. I've just been reading too many blogs and thought it would be a nice touch and help the aesthetics but .... never.

I'm a big big big big big big BIG fan of routines. Not so much the "eat sleep wake" or "wake sleep eat" - we played that game with Julia for a few days and well ... that was a nice period of disciplined and organized that I hope to hit again ... one of these years. My routine is more knowing that I'll get out the door before lunch to go on a run and knowing that I can mostly count on the big kids napping every day around 1 or 2 and then knowing that they'll go to bed around 7:30 or 8 every night and I can kick back with some Hulu, a kicky Theo, and no toddler fighting to assault my drums until morn.

I used to be a big coffee + lots of creamer drinker but then I think I got too lazy to make coffee in the mornings but I still like it and am wanting to reap its benefits after nights of life with Theo. And sometimes Sebastian. And fine -- Julia still wakes up too. It's great. I'm a big believer in the power of the Chia as I really do buy into the claim that it helps stave off afternoon sugar cravings and I'm always up for more protein in my diet. So ... enter this. I make and drink/eat/chug it sometime before I go on my walk/run and as soon as I'm found hiding outside the kids bring me spoons because they want some. It's a ritual. We predictable.

Although! This morning I piled the kids in the car before they'd had a single calorie to eat at 7:00 because Simon had left his pager at home and I was going to drop it at the hospital for him. Except that he actually left his pager in his car so .... as not to waste all that energy expelled getting the kids in the van we took a long drive and hit up Dunkin Donuts. Never underestimate my ability to shock the masses with my spontaneity.

Smoothie recipes are dumb because who really measures anything going into a smoothie and who really needs someone to tell them how to make a smoothie these days but HERE:

one part coffee
one part milk (I use almond but - get crazy with creamer or milk of the cow)
handful of Chia seeds (okay maybe two tablespoons)
one tablespoon of coconut oil
one banana
some greek yogurt (I scoop the non-fruity parts off the light 'n fit cup)
ice (at least 3 cubes ... maybe more ... esp if the coffee is hot from the pot)

sweetener (agave, real sugar, stevia, etc)
peanut butter
unsweetened cocoa powder
whatever you vant

The only important thing is to try to let the seeds soak in the coffee or milk for several minutes before blending so that they "gel" and you don't get them stuck in your teeth ... if you don't care then just toss everything in and purée that puppy to smooth goodness.

oh and I read on a blog (was it yours? I don't remember) that an easy way to let babies eat bananas without having to do a damn thing is to give them half with just 1/3 of the peel pulled off.

Theo is still working on his fine motor skills but this kept him entertained for a bit. It was nice. And messy - next time he's going scando and shirtless.



  1. yeah, let Theo air out his man boobs. I am definitely going to give Wilson a banana like that and let him go to town someday soon!

  2. I wonder if this would last in the fridge if I make it at zero dark thirty to take to work...sans ice maybe?

  3. Hehe we definitely only let the babies eat naked (well, in diapers...) ever since our most recent round of seeeerious banana stains! Elizabeth especially likes eating bananas with the peel on because she gets really upset when she bites off a chunk, but this way it's impossible! Then I freeze the rest of the banana and make kids "ice cream" in the food processor because I'm fancy (ooooor because I don't want to share my real ice cream and they'll happily eat this banana stuff!

  4. Love the chia!

    Theo's combover - cutest EVER!

  5. The picture makes it so pinnable! Which I hate that I just said that, but I did also just pin that to save for later so.... XD

  6. Totally that person that needs a recipe and needs measurements even for smoothies so thanks, will be throwing this mix together shortly. I am also a believer in the Chia. (Wouldn't that be a better pop star name than say... the Biebs?)

  7. What's a good substitute for coconut oil? Or what is it for? I normally do fruity smoothies with OJ and yogurt, but this looks really good! I love frappachinos but the $4 price tag is kind of steep so love the idea of a healthy one made at home.

  8. I am so the person who needs measurements! I had chia seeds for first time a few weeks ago and I am a fan. What kind of blender do you use and do you like it? I am on the great New Blender Hunt of 2013.

    1. We just have a pretty standard Kitchen-Aid that we registered for when we got married. No complaints!!!!

  9. How did you read my mind?? I bought chia seeds today and have no idea what to do with them. And I was thinking all of five minutes ago that I needed to try iced coffee tomorrow because it soooo dang hot here.


    1. Made it with decaf because I couldn't wait. I had to leave out the yogurt but YUM! Thanks so much for my new morning drink.

  10. You should totally call it chiaccino!

  11. This sounds delicioso! I am new to the chia seed game and have been trying to figure out what to do with them! Now I can just hear them calling for coffee and a blender in the morn!
    Also, mad props (throw back to 97?) on the spontinaity of donut runs! Sometimes (always) I don't think the working halves realize how amazing such a feat is!! :) at least mine doesn't! Haha.

  12. Oh man, I had such a lousy mom day. Your blog gave me a much-needed laugh. (Baby banana trick, where have you been all my life?) Thanks.

  13. OK you've convinced me to go buy these seeds, anything thats going to combat my chocolate cravings must be good, and if I can add it to my coffee then all the better. I loved your 30 post- it had me thinking about celebrating my 25th this year, most seem to freak out at their 25th but not so sure why, I think mostly I feel like after I turn 25 everyone will be expecting me to pop out some babies hahaha thats the only scary part so far;)
    oh and going with the theme of 3 comments in one- the slump rememdy; loose yourself to dance by daft punk!! seriously:)

  14. A trick I found is freezing coffee ahead of time in a ice cube tray then when it comes time to use it you just pop out few cubes. You may already do this but if not who does not want a "let's make life easier tip"

    1. thanks! I did that before Julia was born but have never had the foresight since then ----- I should try to get it together :)

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