17 November 2011

today has been slightly better than yesterday ... praise the sanity gods

Instead of throwing her usual go-to tantrum about not getting to drink a full cup of coffee this morning Julia opted to furiously lick the bare floor...providing Lucy's one eye with a little entertainment

She also bypassed the vegetable oil and only spilled a manageable amount of baking soda near the broom
what a sweetheart

She completed her trifecta of good deeds by sharing my lap with Sebastian and not pinching, biting or pulling his hair
harmony be ours

and not to be outshone by his big sister, Sebastian decided to tolerate a nonhuman pacifier
(high pitched voice-MIRACLE)

brightsides abound

some fun clicks (flicks) for you
(hilarious) men's fashion
(if I ever get to sew again) shirt tutorial
(super skinny) mocha
(call me crazy, Simon did) coffee face scrub

anddddd I typed too soon
we have some new developments
Julia faceplanted the floor from her robot walk resulting in a fat, bloody lip
It's looking like Simon will never, ever get home from work this eve

tight-lipped smile.


  1. Awww =( Sorry you're having rough days!! I hope he gets home and you get some relief soon. Make him take over and go take a hot bath and RELAX!!

  2. I read yesterday's post but haven't been able to comment until now. Things will get easier! I know that isn't extremely helpful right now but in a few months (it seems like a long time, but trust me it flies by) you'll have a good routine going. I remember those first couple of weeks bringing the second baby home- very hard. Lots of tears and exhaustion. Hang in there!

    also, those two are adorable!

  3. Ben distinctly remembers sticking his tongue out and crawling along the floor licking it when he was a babe.
    The moral of that tidbit: Julia will be fine.

  4. If it makes you feel better, my daughters have started throwing tantrums that are worse than any my mom has ever seen. My mom raised 7 kids and frequently babysat friends kids along the way. Luckily they only happen 2-3 times a day.

  5. ahahahhaha! 'tight-lipped smile' is the funny

  6. Julia and Christopher would have a blast together I think (his latest is constantly pulling stuff out of the pantry)! Today he ruined a whole bottle of sprinkles. Hoping this into food phase ends fast :0

  7. So glad things were better today, and so glad you like the skinny mocha:) I love that picture of Julia licking the floor, hilarious!

  8. The good 'ole Planned Parenthood just plopped their lovely selves literally in our backyard. Brand new location. It will be quite motivating taking care of my new babe and all of postpartum loveliness with this monster in my backyard. Alright, Thank you Lord for this daily visual of where my sacrifices will be going. You are doing great work. Do it for the babies! :)

  9. Hi sunshine! You are one of the bloggers I was talking about when I said I wished they could be my real life friends ;) I think they two of us lonely with babies in our new(er) towns could have a lot of fun in the same town! This sounds like a bad online dating email now...

    Hope you have an even better day today!

  10. Go glad you liked the scrub! It's deliciously wonderful. Now you just need to escape into a bathroom with it ALL BY YOURSELF when S gets home. Hang in there, kiddo!

  11. Rough days abound in postpartum world... I'm right there with you! Praying for sanity for us both.

  12. Oh my gosh, that picture of Julia licking the floor is hysterical. Praying for slightly more sanity tomorrow. Sebastian is so, so, so adorable, by the way.

  13. Ok maybe the licking thing is a phase (which I just genuinely spelled 'faze') because for the longest time Max would lick our floor too. Maybe the chicken nuggets aren't enough for J anymore.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial shout-out :)



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