40 weeks

03 November 2011

You thought Sebastian's birth had spared you anymore pregnancy posts/belly shots didn't you?

but the buck will come to a screeching halt here. . .truly.
(forgive the soft serve swirl on the side 'do ... I know not where that came from ... so I can't send it back) 
 I made the unforgivable mistake of trying on regular people jeans today. . .which resulted in the waist getting stubbornly stuck around my knee caps, maybe some whisper cursing and a consolatory trip to eat fro-yo with lots of crushed candy bar toppings.
So...back to the maternities (and nursing friendly sweater) I fled.
I also weighed myself thinking that expelling a seven pound baby, amniotic fluid and a placenta might result in some weirdly drastic weight loss. 
I know these things take time...but was merely being pathetically optimistic.
In the mean time, I'll enjoy the comfort and solace of elastic waistbands, metabolism boosting pumpkin spice creamer (made the mistake of purchasing on a whim and am now a serious bandwagon fanatic) and no calorie soft pregnancy forbidden cheeses. 

And of course indulge in borderline obnoxious mom marathon photo shoots that result in too many too close for comfort shots of this little monster
my favorite son
and now off I trot to sleep for what I hope is lots of uninterrupted hours. 

believe it.


  1. You look stunning!
    Congrats on your little man!

  2. I love the 40 weeks photo!
    I'm jealous that you have pumpkin spice creamer... I have been stalking the dairy case for weeks (okay, at least a month or more) without any signs of it. Probably going to have to make it myself (i found a recipe/tutorial). I hope you got many hours of uninterrupted sleep and that pumpkin hat wearing baby is absolutely adorable.

  3. 2 weeks out and I am still in maternities, and I made the mistake of bringing regular pants to the hospital to wear home! That was a sad moment when I had to put back on my hot pink pajama pants to go home in :( I need a hip shrinker!

  4. Hahaha! Great idea to take a "40 week" pic WITH baby.

  5. ummmmmmmm I hope I look as good as you do now after I spend the next 5 years saving up for some post baby laser lipo... I didnt look that good before I got pregnant the first time!!!! if I didnt love you so much I would def. hate you.
    Sebastian is so handsome, so happy for you. keep the pics coming!

  6. You hide that extra weight well, you look great!

  7. I enjoy the pumpkin theme :) Your boy is beautiful...and you are amazing for posting so frequently with a newborn...props!

  8. I LOVE Pumpkin Spice Creamer. Phil bought the huge container of it for me the other day and I think I fell in love with him all over again.

    And you can't tell those are maternity pants, so you might as well have the comfy waistband. :) Unless you start tucking your shirts INTO the waist of the pants. Then we will have to have an intervention.

  9. Oh my, that last photo is a keeper! Looks Willoughbyesque! Hey we are very anxious for the deets of X's birth!

  10. WHO looks that good after just having a baby?? You look amazing! I am impressed, jealous, and somewhat embarrassed as I was just yesterday (today) considering wearing my maternity leggings to brave the cold 50 degree weather. I ended my moratorium on not learning how to comment on blogs just to congratulate you on the new addition, he is beautiful!

  11. You just had a baby? No way! I think you just stuffed a pillow up your shirt for the last nine months because girl, you look amazing!!! And little Sebastian is absolutely beautiful!!

  12. You look amazing. And what the heck? White jeans only days after delivering?? You are much braver than I will ever be!

    Also, when I get pregnant again, I will be asking where you got all your maternity clothes. Cause I want them all.

  13. I refuse to believe that baby came out of you less than a week ago. You look WILDY AWESOME, mama.

    Take your time finding your new normal. It's not just the baby and the gooey stuff--it's hips falling back into place, and hormones moving body fat around, and all of that. You look lovely.

  14. Just found your blog. Hysterical! Reminds me of my own baby days, and my girls are 12 and 14 now! I have to say, regarding baby weight, here's what I say: I gained 20 lbs with the first, so I had to do the same with the 2nd or it would be favoritism. That said, I don't look as good in my REGULAR jeans as you do in your maternity ones. Good luck girl! It does get easier, and then...the hormone storms start accumulating...right over your house. You never know when the storm will strike, but it's always brewing. And let me tell you, it arrives sooner than you think it should.



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