Sebastian Sneezes

06 November 2011

I'm well aware I could lose half the blog's readership by posting such a video. 
All the factors are in place:
poor lighting (making Sebastian's coloring match that of the wood floor)
obnoxious sing songy mom voice
baby doing almost nothing
baby looking in the completely opposite direction of the laptop playing said football game

ah well. 
run away if you must.

Adrienne alerted me to the fact that Notre Dame was playing last night and the timing was perfect for Simon to waltz in from work, throw Sebastian in this little football getup (c/o Christine) and watch 'thuh gaaame'

(and Adrienne...I couldn't even begin to tell you who won...but thanks for the heads up!)


  1. Haha, I couldn't tell you who won either. I gave up when our computer quit and Dave watched the rest on the laptop. Sebastian's sneeze was the cutest and I just want to reach through the computer and snuggle him. Sigh...I suppose I can wait three more weeks to really get a chance to do so! CanNOT wait!!

  2. oh so sweet! I love tiny baby sneezes!

  3. So are not helping the baby fever that I'm quickly catching over here!

  4. Cute! I love the little moan after sneezing.

  5. ahahhahA! oh my god i never thought i would think a baby sneeze was so cute. he really is a cute little manbaby.

  6. Oh sweet sweet baby sneezes! He looks like a content little bug :o)

  7. Argh! Adorable little baby noises! I'm dying.



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