another day

19 November 2011

more cop out links. 
albeit good cop out links. 
oh, fine 
your collective sigh convinced me to share a little bit about things around here first

Last night Julia upped her terror ante and in the span of an hour:
pulled her dresser on top of her person (it is a flimsy Ikea dresser .. but still)
dragged a number of my bras into the bathroom and fully submerged them into the toilet water
ate the flower centers off of my beloved fake orchid
swallowed a bottle cap, threw up the bottle cap which was graciously accompanied by her chicken nugget dinner 
(Lucy was happy to lick up so I can't really complain about that one) don't want to hear anymore childchatter? 
I don't blame you. 

this little lady is hilarious
this was so cute
Julia and I heartheartheart this song
(she doesn't understand English yet so the one repeated curse is tolerated)
Jdel is here to visit this weekend-hiphophurray

that's all.


  1. I don't know how you do it! I thought 16 months apart was hard.

  2. I hate it when they pull their furniture down on top of them! I don't understand the fascination with toilet water... Rose has a knack for sneaking into the bathroom and quietly destroying things (deodorant is a fav). I almost can't believe the bottle cap incident, but I assume you would not make that up (glad she's okay!) Enjoy some time with your bestie!

  3. Seriously, Sebastian is the CUTEST BABY EVER... EVER and EVER. J looks more and more like you every day (lucky duck!) have a great weekend with the bestie!!!

  4. I've been listening to Mumford and Sons so much it actually reached the top pick of my iTunes library--a feat indeed!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with a terror child. Today, The Pup tore up a brown paper bag and ate it. He threw a huge kicking me in the face tantrum when I tried to put him in his carseat. And, when I was sitting, ahem, on the can, I saw him race past me with handfuls of crayons, which he proceeded to fling at the wall, leaving little dots of rainbow wax. Sigh. I don't even have a cute little Seabass to keep me centered!

  5. The first photo of Sebastian is beyond precious! And it looks like J is at least feeling some guilt. Miss 'em!

  6. Ha Ha- Bless your heart! I can so relate. Everything around here goes in the toilet water :)

  7. Loved that Mumford & sons song. Super good!

  8. awesome. little guy is growing like a weed already!!!

  9. Gracias for the shout out. Your blog was recently voted funniest blog amongst my mommy friends. Thanks for all the laughs. Anddd that song is one of my current favs as well. I sincerely hope my 3 year old doesn't pick up on the f bomb. The accent masks it pretty well.

  10. This is the first time I've been able to get on Blogger long enough to really focus on other bloggers. I ran across your via Clan Donaldson and may I just say 1)omg your baby is so so precious with that smile!!! and 2)it's reassuring that little girls can be just as wild as their male counter-parts (we'd really like this one to be a girl- fourth time's the charm, right?).

    Love the links. Looking forward to reading more!

  11. Ha! At least you have a sense of humor about it all. Also, your little babes are cuter by the day!



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