10 November 2011

 {photo usual}

I love every single blog comment (so far!) 
but these highlighted bits from the following comments on this post
I especially loved


 c/o Dwija
{ps - Congratulations to her!!!}

thanks for the laughlaughlaughs ladies

have a pleasant day (everyone)

ps I heart Suri


  1. Love the picture of Julia and Lucy! And yes, great comments!

    Also, I grew up seeing my mother breastfeed and I have no lasting trauma. I do, however, feel not very scared about doing the same for my upcoming Little Mac. Dwija must be right!

  2. I heart the unrelated photo.
    those comments made me laugh, too!

  3. Ahhahahah! Ruth has become quite the expert on post-partum recovery and baby-feeding. I feel awkward about it.

  4. Hey Just saw you followed me. Thanks. I love funny comments. They really make the work of posting worth it don't they?

  5. Haha! I'm glad we can amuse you like you amuse us :)



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