stripes abound

30 November 2011

towel weave
towel lair
 mulllllllet and commissioned to map out an escape for me
the only thing worse than flared spandex on a mom is highwater flared spandex on a mom
a precious moment, I'm sure
it's a wonder Lucy isn't obese and Julia isn't a rail as she donates all of her calories to the canine

I noticed a heady theme woven throughout our day at home (always at home -- I'm working on garnering some crazy courage to brave the car and public with tyrants in tow -- cautiously pessimistic about the prospect thus far -- I'll keep you posted). 
Stripes galore. 
Crazy galore, I know.

Also, much to my horror and amusement, Julia told a barking Lucy to 'shut up' last night right before she robot marched over to my nursing post and stuffed my nursing (breast? gross) pad under her shirt and held it there as she continued to robot march in circles around the room.  
I think both she and her mother need to get out more. 

maybe tomorrow, maybe not.


  1. I hope you get out soon. I haven't left my house in 2 days (3 if you don't count a preschool teacher-parent conference) and I am about to lose it. Your living room is so clean. It's making me feel like I should get up and do something. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hahahahahaha! Isn't it scary when your kids do and say things you've done?

  3. um... I'm jealous of your living room (extra heavy sigh) I guess I could stop making wishlists on amazon and go clean up a little.

    There's nothing wrong with stripes, I own many striped shirts. That is a hilarious little story about Julia, I may have laughed out loud at the mental image! Yes, getting out is so nice! I hope you get a chance soon!

  4. Apropos of nothing at all relating to this post: Suri posted a new piece 51 minutes ago, and the server has crashed. I can't read it. It's about Pipa Middleton. I'm dying over here, and I blame you for it.

  5. Yay for stripes!
    Hahahaha! Love the little robot story. Never dull that one.
    Yes, you need to get out for sure! Though, I swear when Tagg was a baby any time I left the house with both kids I ended up swearing I'd never do it again. Still kind of the same way when we go grocery shopping.
    Good luck with everything, you are an awesome Mommy!

  6. If you can just get in the car, that was my sanity for a good 3-4 months. Just driving around town and picking up a Sonic drink did wonders for my mood.

  7. Oh gosh that's funny. Julia has quite the character! And the stripes are awesome. I just acquired three maternity shirts, striped. Can't wait to try them.

    Lentil soup and great coffee today!


  8. The stripes are awesome. All around.
    Your living room looks fab and shiny...shark mop?
    Julia is a hoot! Has she said anything else or were those her first words?

  9. you house looks as neat as a pin :)

  10. I definitely don't blame you for staying home, I still haven't gone out with both girls by myself except when I HAD to take Regan to the doctor and daddy was at work and it was not fun, so I have yet to do it since :) Who knew two kids would be so much work huh??

  11. oh boy. the nursing pad is my fav. and i have stripes on nearly every day-tho i like your sock combo better.

  12. Leaving the house is good, but you don't have to do anything 'real'. 'Real' is when it gets sticky and exhausting. Just drive to a park that's fenced, nurse for 20 minutes while Julia stomps around, then drive home. It'll feel like a real adventure!



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