hospital room fiesta

01 November 2011

Julia's triumphant return to her house of horrors:
hospital room housing bad mom and evil brother

top to bot:
for Halloween Julia was...Sebastian!! Curious Georgia about the diaper change
special treat: eating a whole turkey dog in bed, mulllllllllllllllet with Grandma Patton
painkillers trump Mom's name while spoiled Sebastian gets a ♥ from an adoring nurse
Despite "It's a boy!" signage...Seabass was already mistaken for a 'beautiful little girl' ... we can't win the gender game
making amends, amen

ps discussing nicknames for Sebastian...
seabass? X? bastian?
what thinks you?
headed home today


  1. Bastian!!! We would have named Annabelle that if she had been a boy!!! Of course "Bastian's" nickname would have been Ian.. so either of those has my vote.

  2. Bastian, definitely. Also- Seb, Basti, Sebi.


    cheers. hope you get some much needed rest at home!

  3. so cute! And exciting! Julia looks like the most passionate and entertaining little one. Hope your recovery is going well!

  4. I LOVE the name Sebastian. Sadly, my husband is not in accordance with me. Many congrats!

    I like Seb as a nickname for sebastian. Maybe one day I'll get another cat and name him that... what a perfect little man!

  5. I like "x" since you call Julia "j" :) Also, I forgot to mention in my last comment, our babies are 10 days apart! I wish they could be friends in real life :)

  6. seabass...haha that's my pick. (sorry little sebastion!)

  7. I think you should stick with the full name. It's such a great name, why shorten it? My daughters are Clarissa and Veronica and anytime someone asks their names, they follow up the question with, "so what do you call them?" I guess I don't get it. Then again, I'm a Sandra who has fought to not be called Sandy my entire life.

  8. i have to agree that "x" would make sense since julia is "j". on a random note, i tried perocet for the 1st time with evangeline and wow another miracle drug!

  9. He will probably be a seabass in my book. Maybe a bastian in public so I don't embarrass the little guy into the ground. Cannot wait to meet him!!

  10. oh, Sea-bass obbbbbvi! I mean, that's what this auntie is planning. Love you!

  11. Congratulations! I pick Seabass, but I think you should do a formal poll. :)

  12. My first comment on a blog... obviously I take nicknames a lil too seriously. Anywho, my BFF's little boy is a Sebastian and I call him Chucky. Here's my working out: Sebastian, Seabass, Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl xo xo)= Chucky! Everyone else calls him Seb :) Congratulations!

  13. I would ABSOLUTELY go with Seabass. It's adorable. And would also lean to calling him "Fishy," which is pretty cute too. Then again, I call my son Hamster, so I might be a little strange. :)

    What a delightful tumult in that room! Enjoy your trip home!

  14. all these nicknames are well and good and adorable, etc, etc, but how can you pass up X-man???

  15. Seabass <3

    Yay for the all knowing hospital board! I was so out of it... I was thankful for that board and wonderful nurses, because I couldn't remember anything!



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