storybook sequence

24 November 2011

coffee spied
coffee spilled (didn't skip a sip of the beloved bottle)
remainder of coffee observed
remainder of coffee drained
spilled coffee spread
spilled coffee lapped up 
spilled coffee spread (with fervor this time)
small break to harass Sebastian
more spilled coffee on the floor {!}
lick lick
rest in spilled coffee on floor
el fin
ps Lucy finishes

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. oh my goodness, she is just too much! Happy Thanksgiving Grace, to you and your crew! I hope it's wonderful!

  2. One of your funniest posts ever! Dad and I are howling! Happy Albuquerque Turkey!

  3. My hubby and I both thought this was an incredible sequence. Nice to have a dog to finish up the floor-licking--less to clean up on your end!

    Happy thanksgiving! I hope it is delightful.

  4. She's a (very cute) character :) Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Haha what a kid! I love how you're just sitting there taking pictures of this......

  6. Hahahaha! Awesome! I love that you didn't clean the coffee, you just took pictures. That is so cool.

  7. This is why every mother needs a dog. Nobody wants to know what my house would look like without the dogs constantly cleaning up after my kids.... :)

  8. Oh my gosh, so funny. I'm glad you took the time to photograph the whole thing instead of cleaning it up right away.

  9. There are some days when I would probably lick my coffee off the table too. Probably not the floor though. I would have to be pretty desperate. Like right now.

    Ok going to get some coffee.

  10. is julia licking the coffee off the table?? hahaha sounds like me:)!



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