11 November 2011

 12 days old
{onesie c/o a one v. v. generous Steph}

you know you're curious what he has been busying himself with as of late
let me see here

the kid doesn't merely eat, he feasts
the recommended '10-15 minutes on each side every 2-3 hours'
7 frantic getinmytumnownownownow minutes on each side back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for a minimum of an hour
{I am fully expecting him to surpass Julia's weight category and leap right into sumo territory any minute}
then he goes comatose for hours on end
I'll take feasting and a coma over snacking and catnapping any day of my vida loca

he's been getting up twice a night to partake in his required feast
I think
maybe more
no complaints in that department quite yet

he still bears no family resemblance to anyone other than an unrelated wrinkly old man
little old man from Mars I suppose
and fear not...
my mom claims,
"he is much cuter in real life than in photos"
(in case you were questioning his digital cuteness factor)

being the hopeless romantic that I am...
I would swear that he has smiled at me on several occasions
I'm sure he hasn't
but let a girl hallucinate

I think I've successfully rocked and lullabied you down to the deepest sleep
no more bebe updates for a few days...I semi-promise


  1. If he is cuter in person than on digital film, then he must be a heart-breaker in real life. Such a cutie!

    My nephews were sumo-babies. One of them looked like he was going to explode out of his skin when he was about a year old.

  2. ahhhhhhh he looks EVEN CUTER in the onsie than I thought he would!!!! I just love love love him! And really, he is cuter in real life than in photos because I didnt think babies CAME cuter than he is in these snapshots!!!! Now we need photos with the matching hat and pants (before sumo patton outgrows them!) I showed A the video of J walking and she pointed, laughed and clapped and said AAAAAYYYYYY (yay in baby?)

  3. From the second baby on, whenever someone would ask me how often they nursed at night, I could never answer with any certainty. All I knew was I went to sleep with the baby in the basinette next to the bed, and I woke up in the morning with a baby next to me, well fed and happy.
    Usually with a poop-filled diaper I was never smart enough to Google the long term effects of.

  4. He is so adorable!! All that breast feeding, he's helping you get your pre-baby body back!

  5. capital A adorable.

    and... yay for breastfeeding; burns calories while you get to sit back and admire a baby (or half sleep) win-win.

  6. I <3 the baby updates! Though, I'm pretty sure I've had like 100 people unfriend me on Facebook because of my incessant baby updating! Proud mamas can't help it!

  7. lol when my son was born my first thought was, "'re not cute at all....but I'm glad you're here." He also looked like a very old man. It worsened when his hair became this awful dark horse-shoe....ugly but so funny. Now, at almost 2, he has wacko curly hair and gets confused for a girl. Guess we should cut it...but it's way too hilarious.

    been following your blog for awhile but never!

  8. He is perfectly beautiful, Grace, and I wish I could give him a little squeeze. I'm sure he did smile at you. Gas, my ass :) Babies smile. I know Joseph did early on.

  9. Grace, in the pics he looks like Simon....



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