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06 November 2011

fiesta critters today

Simon's mom (Saint Ann) clicked her ruby reds and sadly headed back to Kansas this morning.
She has been an absolute Godsend...I would even venture to rank her higher on my favorites list than my angelic anesthetist. She has busied herself with round the clock care of Julia taking her on walks and grocery runs, putting her down and getting her up from naps, changing her diapers and outfits, filling her multiple requests for juice and milk bottles and giving the little toddler tyrant her undivided attention.  There was a delicious hot meal on the table every single night with the ample leftovers frozen and labeled for later consumption, glasses of Riesling served, cups of coffee poured and several loads of laundry washed, dried and folded all thanks to her. She undertook the not small task of moving our bedroom upstairs and was always willing to hold little Sebastian if I chose to be hygienic and bathe on any particular day. I certainly won the mother-in-law and Godmother lottery. She is the absolute best.

You're probably wondering what my lazy bottom has been doing all week. I'm wondering that myself. It's a wonder I've survived these first few hours without her. We just have to make it to Tuesday when my own mother, Saint Bettina arrives. I hope she packs her power suit because we'll be putting her to work.

But back to the long as I don't accidentally or purposely go out in public, am hyper-vigilant about staying on top of Julia's teething gel applications and mega Tylenol dose for her crazy molar cutting and refrain from sending Simon too many smoke signalesque SOS texts...I'm sure we'll be fine.

If you are so inclined you may throw a prayer up to Jude or Philomena (they specialize in impossible cases...perfect).
I'll allow it.


  1. yes, good mothers-in-law are a rare and wonderful blessing!
    Sebastian's expression in the first pic is hilarious. and Little J looks so happy with mom!

  2. Oh wow! Your MIL sounds amazing. Mine is too :-) I just got off the phone with my mom feeling vastly reassured by her promise to come do the same in a few months!

    Good luck your first day at home alone!

  3. Oh my I can tell Sebastian is an "old soul". I look at him and feel the same way that I felt when I saw newborn pictures of Ruth's Henry. So sweet.

  4. Oh my gosh, the little one was born while I was out of power! I have to go back and catch up with the birth story.
    Congrats! I'm so happy to see the newest Patton!

  5. No wonder you call her Saint Ann! Tell her she's free to stop by our house in the Ta if she ever feels the need to practice her MIL duties.
    I am sosososososososo excited to meet Sebastian! He's soooo tiny in those pictures! I love it!

  6. Wow. How completely adorable. The Sebster has totally won my heart with that picture. What a precious little man.

  7. Ann sounds like a wonderful Mother-in-law, you're lucky to have her!



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