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12 November 2011

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.2 second attention span in action
Mandy sent the cutest boy clothes for Sebastian, old man wrinkle and mother
will never make mistake of making my nursing perch in the basement again; the views are too scenic
I haven't left the house by way of car for a few too many days ... so when Simon started talking about a trip to Lowes and Costco to get things like a door and laundry detergent ... you can imagine how embarrassingly excited I was. I even bathed AND washed my hair for the outing.  Of course the outing predictably ended when I had to nurse Sebastian in the parking lot and Julia (impressively) peed an entire puddle onto the Lowe's floor (missing her diaper...somehow?) but it was nice to see civilized, verbal folk outside of the confines of the casa. 


  1. yeah, i don't "friend" parents, aunts/uncles, anyone that was one time an authority figure to me on facebook. same goes for former students or kids. i don't need them sharing my life with their parents :0 it's for me to connect to my peers.

    i love the pic with julia hugging her brother! has she accepted him then? ;) the pic of you with the babe is a good one too, profile pic worthy.

  2. Hahaha missed her diaper. Were you all "I'll just get a paper towel..." Or did you just casually pick up one of their intercom phones "clean up on aisle 3..."

  3. Whoa, my mum can't even turn on the computer by herself. Awesome!

  4. It looks like it may have only lasted seconds, but that top left picture is precious. :) So sweet.
    You look amazing! Holy cow!
    Hahahaha, love the MIA diaper, hahaha!



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