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29 November 2011

 doesn't Sebastian look pleased?
don't my lenses look transitional?

Hopefully I'll start having better days and will be able to showcase more than bad Photobooth photos and links to humans that actually know the meaning of productivity.

Any spare time in betwixt nursing, nursing, nursing, diaper changing and basic life saving (today it was a very close call with Julia and the steepest stairs that would have most certainly led to her near death or serious paralysis, yesterday it was a very close call with Julia and a large quantity of my {deadly to her?} thyroid medicine, maybe tomorrow we'll dabble in scissor juggling - to spice things up a bit) is spent shredding with crazy J. Michaels because my postpartum jiggle-be-gone vanity comes before blogging. 
You're welcome.

I can't wait to read the rest of Lauren's love story.
Ana has been tearing (stitching?) up the alteration scene.
The next three consecutive spare hours I happen upon ... I'll be making these
My love for Suri continues.
I wish I was this patient and creative.
and now I'm off to nurse a baby or change a diaper or save a life. 


  1. Jeez, sounds like a party over there! Thanks for the updates bc Julia's shenans keep me laughing.

  2. so how did we find this gal's blog w/ the love story? thanks for the distraction!

  3. Yeah, I've been meaning to impart my thanks for introducing me to Suri's website, thus ensuring that my already shockingly low productivity would reach new lows. Awesome.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my fill of celebrity child rivalry satire.

  4. J michaels hmm.. I may have yo check that out if it gets rid of jiggle. Looking for more at home workouts! Haha Julia + stairs does not sound healthy. For anyone involved.

  5. Grace, your post are still equally as interesting/funny/wonderful/entertaining- as always. I am totally impressed that you are already stomaching Jillian, I hope you're muting her voice at least :) You look fabulous and it is so sweet how much Julia is looking more like you!

  6. oooh, thanks for the link love my dear! i've been scratching my head on how to get the rest moved from my memory and into coherent thoughts on my computer screen. :)

  7. CBass is growing up so fast! He already looks older :o)
    Btw, I'm envious of your pretty braid and J's cute striped shirt.

  8. Suri's burn book is my favorite blog! The writer is hilarious!

    And I love each and every one of Jillian Michael's exercise videos.

    North Meets South



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