postpartum exercise

08 November 2011

which is just a fancy way of saying that we went on another walk yesterday.
when your days are filled with diaper changes, marathon nursing sessions, diaper changes, toddler tantrums, more nursing, more diapers, the occasional bath (both for yourself and your young) laundry and laundry again...a walk is a big dilly.

Simon finally reaped the benefits of his 'lighter schdeule' for paternity leave and got off before the sky turned black at 3:30 pm. I embarrassingly huffed and puffed my way through the hour of slight inclines and stretches of the flattest terrain. Julia marveled at the piles of leaves and we marveled at her marveling. 


Please note Julia's matching socks, Sebastian's missing sock (which we always noticed two blocks too late...let out a kid-friendly pg-rated curse and hoofed it backtracking to hunt down) and my stylin' whiskered denim c/o Costco circa 2005.


  1. From the ankle down they may be a trainwreck (jk), but from there on up they are soooooo so so cute! You've got my baby fever at an all time high. I think even Ben is getting a touch of it!

    Btw, how is Lucy taking to the new addition?

  2. "Whiskered denim" is cool I hear, Simon was given NEW (tags and all- not hand-me-downs!) whiskered denim jeans from Gymboree for his birthday. So they're in. Also, the first thing I noticed in both pictures were the socks. Because those tiny socks are impossible to keep track of, or stay on. Yes I ended that sentence with a preposition, I'm still at work....don't care, sue me.

  3. I can always count on your posts to make me smile. :)
    And make me feel lazy...
    Seriously, I keep telling myself I'm going to go for a walk every day and I can't even manage that. (In my defense, I do have to carry a heavy jogging stroller down our apartment stairs.) And It's snowing quite wetly right now. So that's my excuse for today...

  4. It's sad but true. At this moment in my life, there is nothing I look forward to more than our daily walk. I've been doing 30 minutes (once I was able to actually walk like normal again!!) everyday. The first day I was so embarrassed because I broke a sweat and huffed and puffed!! It's already gotten better though... I'd love to be back running already, but alas, no go.

    Funny about the socks!! I feel like I walk around my house picking up stray newborn socks. I'll never understand how he does it!



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