Solutions (plural)

02 February 2012

While surveying, clearing, and cleaning up the wreckage that was Hurricane Julia in the basement this morning I came across not two, not five but eleven 10 Minute Solution DVDs (proof in the above photo pudding for the dense population of the readership).

I'm sorry ... I can't hear your ridicule ... I'm too busy at one of two ultimate boot camps ... procuring my knock out body.

What this discovery probably says about me:
I like to put forth maximum effort and expect minimal results
I do all 550 minutes of these crazies every morning
I have rock hard abs, sculpted buns, target toned biceps, blasted off belly fat, and no more fat because it was all attacked.

You know what they say ... if the shoe fits only wear it once and then go buy another. And repeat. And repeat again.


  1. Ha ha, impressive! I have a large collection of "Skinny B*tch" workout DVDs, but it doesn't hold a candle to this. I have done the 10 minute solution kickbox bootcamp workout, and I like the lady's Australian's comforting.

  2. "I'm too busy at one of two ultimate boot camps" Hahahaha! Oh my gosh. You would be an ideal mother in law for my child, you really would. There's also the possibility of a Paul/Julia match up, although they are so alike/powerful that I think a swirling black-hole of some sort that would be created if they ever made eye contact...

  3. Ha a million times! Although some of those 10 minute workouts... killer. Really awful forms of torture. Are these the same as the workouts? Cause those babies, well they make me want to vomit... multiple times... on her skinny toned face. Oh but they work, yes they do.

  4. Who can get enough solutions when they're only 10 minutes?!

  5. i have a girlfriend that did the 30 day shred by jillian michaels..20 minutes. i'm kind of wanting to try?

  6. haha!! So I'm guessing you like those 10 minute solution dvd's...I've yet to buy anything. Been sticking with youtube. Although...I'm about to get my hands on p90x from my brother, I might be a little overambitious but we'll see! I love this funny

  7. Belly laughing over here. And that would be unattacked belly fat belly laughing. This is the story of my life. All the supplies, none of the effort. I'm sure you look like a movie star again though!

  8. Haha you're hilarious! I love this. So true.



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