23 February 2012

A few days ago the weather was warm enough to pass my leave-the-house-by-foot test so Simon and I took the kiddos to the park. Julia loves strangers so we assumed she would be thrilled by the throngs of stranger children adorning the monster playground. And we assumed wrong. Fancy that.

As illustrated below ... over the course of about a 14 minute span (14 years in toddler time) ...

She refused to unearth her planted feet nor would she peel her staring eyes away from the nonfamilymember aliens despite our 'please act normal -- go play -- okay get out of that nice lady's way -- she wants to cross the footbridge you are blockguarding' commands of encouragement.

She eventually caved and performed a slight pivot ...

and was thrilled with the 'go down the slide by yourself! It will be SO much fun!' session

Time will tell but she just might take after her weirdo mother and be a scarily introverted little soul. Or maybe we just need to expose her to more than her immediate family 24/7.

We'll see .... in a few months ... when we venture out of the cabin again.

*regarding the number of photos we took at the park (published and unpublished) ... I agree with your deserving judgment ... we are ridiculous parents.


  1. Are you kidding me? This is SO MUCH better than a toddler who fearlessly FLINGS herself at such structures. I would kill to be able to watch Lauren just stand there, instead of inventing new ways to hurt herself. You get all of the "Great mom who took the kids to the park!" and none of the "shoot me now, this is both BORING and HARD" parts.

  2. Is it wrong that I have a private countdown in a secret corner of the house estimating how much time is left until Lotus is old enough to take the rest of the kids to the park by herself?
    I hate, hate, hate going to the park. It's like serving great big chunks of my Purgatory in a brightly colored, germy environment.

  3. I hate the park, too. But now I just let then all run amok while Tommy and I sit on a bench and ignore them, usually with coffee in hand. Quality parenting 101!

  4. omg- that slide picture made me laugh so hard i think i may have induced pre term labor!!!

  5. I concur with all previous comments: The park, for me, comes in second to last to indoor fast-food playplaces in desirability. It's a necessary evil, I suppose, like Dora the Explorer. Can't wait until Piper whines overandoveragain, "Mama, I want to go to Goodwill."

  6. Too funny. The slide looks like a hit. ;)

  7. i will like the park when I can sit on a bench and read a book while they play. when does that happen? DOES that happen?

  8. Absolutely love the last photo. Julia looks slightly crazed.

  9. i appreciate your usage of the word "thrilled". i think i inherited over-using this word from my mother..

  10. My niece Kayte used to be the same way and my other niece Raegan was fearless. This last until about 6 months ago (they're 3yo) and then it totally reversed. I realize that JAMA didn't publish that study as my two nieces is too small of a subject size but I think it's scientifically sound. Julia will probably switch on you. :)

    Love the pictures!



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