13 February 2012

1. praise be to the patron of second borns, Julia has gone to bed!
2. attempted and forced exercise in futility: rolling over before the Patton average of 6 months old
3. so many options here a. inappropriate b. tangible infant obesity c. cleavage d. bottom relocates to chest
4. why yes, I do hate my view and the taste of white shag carpet. Roll me back to number one. now.


  1. Oh Lord, have mercy! I just died. He is the absolute most precious little guy. And the cleavage!!! ahhh totally just made my day. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog just now and experiencing some much needed smiles!

  2. He is too sweet for his own good! Seriously, that smile!
    And I LOL'd hard at the baby cleavage...too funny! "Bottom relocates to chest"...priceless.

  3. The cleavage!! He did not get that from this Nana!

  4. See-Bass comes back with a "Take THAT, you unappreciative judges on The Voice"! (That's his version of "Rolling In The Deep")

  5. Your son has more cleavage than I ever will. totally jellin' over here.

  6. He is sooo cute! I hope none of your readers call Maury regarding the serious infant obesity problem at the Patton house.



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