Sebastian: three months

01 February 2012

and two days ... but who's counting? Obviously this crazy mother who does blog posts about three month and two day birthdays.  Lucky baby.

Things to note on this joyous occasion:
wearing size 6 months clothing
prefers maximum attention from humans to minimum attention from humans
requires very little sleep to maintain his sedentary lifestyle
his shapely thighs are almost too big for his is new permanent perch: the Bumbo
was recently fed pickle juice by a certain male parent .. and didn't hate it
loves the car ... which gives me less of an excuse to leave the house ... but doesn't convince me to do so ... ever

Overall .. happier baby than Julia was but much worse sleeper. Much worse.
Let the sibling rivalry begin.


  1. What a sweetie! My kids were the same way...I desperately wanted them to use the Bumbo, but worried that the lack of blood flow to their legs may do more harm than good! haha

  2. Wait, what?? Are you sure he's 3 months? How did that happen?

  3. what a doll! i see he's also in the business of randomly losing socks. why are babies so good at that? ha!

  4. I'm so glad you had Sebastian when you did. That way, I'm able to gush over all the adorable newborn pictures during my last trimester, and just when its replaced by his "pre-toddler" stint, I'll have my own newborn to gush over.
    Honestly, you're doing me a service. Last time I was pregnant, and didn't have cute newborns to gush over, I let the kids talk me into getting a dog.
    Dogs are the worst.

  5. I"m going to take a moment and second Cari on that......dogs are the worst. Now then, where was I? Oh yes, I think I want to squish See Bass's cheeks...:)

  6. Sebastian = cutest baby ever! Of course I say that bc I'm not the one pulling the night shift, ya, don't miss those days. Keep it up momma!

  7. Oh and my 2 1/2 yo is sitting here screaming "CUTE BABY! CUTE BABY!" which sounds sweet and innocent but really it's not.

  8. I was just telling my husband how neat it will be when we have another baby and can compare personalities. It's so cool how babies all have their personalities and temperaments. Sebastian seems like such a cool baby, but I do pity you in the sleep department...hang in there

  9. Cuuuuute! Our little Noah went about a month in the bumbo before his thighs got the better of him. My husband had to even pry the middle part down so I could life him out. Sad...and hilarious.

    Oh...and my oldest didn't sleep well. At.All.
    Now he's out of diapers and thinks he has to "go potty" at all hours of the night.

  10. He is the absolutely adorable! We all want to pinch his cheeks! Won't sleep? Try Nana's advice: He needs exercise. Crying won't kill him. xox

  11. Oh my gosh! He is the cutest little dude. You are a brave soul to have kids so close together. I'm sending positive sleep vibes your direction.

  12. Oh me, oh my. If we have a girl (we're not, but bear with me) she and he TOTALLY have to get married. Because their kids would be BE-A-U-TIFUL. But would never sleep. And then we would be all "Bwahahahahahahahaha!"

  13. That face... those cheeks. What a cutie pie! I think he is super cute to make up for the lack of sleep. That way, in the middle of night when you think you might lose it, he looks up at you with a face that says, "Why would you want to sleep when you can look at me?"

  14. i too, love his manly chest. he is SO cute.



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