Conscience Freedom

12 February 2012

If your Facebook feed has been anything like mine these past few days, the recent HHS mandate has been at the forefront of people's profiles by way of status updates, shares, and the occasional mud sling. The Archdiocese of Saint Louis produced this short, succinct, and brilliant clip ... please share, status update, and keep your mud to yourself. Smile.

ps unrelated but this is hysterical


  1. Nice! While I was pleasantly surprised that our priest addressed the mandate at Mass today, it made me feel exhausted for him, how much out of his way he had to go to not actually mention the words "contraception" or "abortion".

    I won't speculate on the reasons for his self-censoring and euphemisms, but they were obvious and they definitely mean he- and all our priests and bishops- need our prayers.



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