03 February 2012

post hives but pre-happy

We recently cut dairy out of Julia's diet completely. I won't get into the nitty grit of why this was necessary because I'd rather not make you ill but okay fine ... I'll give you a hint of a hint: copious amounts of horrific and noxious diapers. So, it was an absolute must. Even cheddar goldfish crackers would anger her little digestive tract and, well ...  it was awful in it's most pure form. We've also eliminated juice .. much to her chagrin .. as she depends on juice like oceans need water, pregnants need elastic, red wine needs loathing, and my hair needs voluminous help.

I've been pretty strict and successful at keeping her from the offenders so when she woke up from her nap yesterday covered in hives and eyes swollen to slits I was at a loss for what on earth could be the problem. Maybe it was the bowl of peanut butter she insisted on eating for her second lunch, or maybe it was my entire Diet Coke that she pounded in one looooooooooong straw sip or the handful of 3 month old Cheerios she found under the couch and inhaled. I don't know. After I rated the the situation as: worrisome but not alarm worthy I unsuccessfully searched for the Wal-Dryl, fed her a gummy prenatal vitamin instead, gave her a good coddling, found the Wal-Dryl, and she was eventually fine. Potential crisis averted and afternoon plans to be fun and carefree foiled.

So, the moral of this waste-of-your-time story is that she is really starting to cramp my wannabe laid back, anything goes, nothing fazes me ever parenting style.
 Thanks J.

*And this just in for all you germaphobes: Simon is working in the NICU this month and said that they warned him that cellphones carry more germs than both the soles of your feet and toilet seats. I'm trying not the be fazed, of course.

all images courtesy of Sebastian Patton


  1. Oh no! Hopefully she sneaked some dairy in there somewhere?

    I totally believe the cell phone germs. I always think about how dirty steering wheels are, cell phones must be at least as dirty! (Disclaimer, it's gross, but I guess I'm not a huge germ freak so you won't see me disinfecting like crazy or anything.)

  2. Poor Julia! I'm glad she is better. I hope I never have to eliminate dairy, I love it too much. But she'll never know any better, so it is all good.

    The cell phone thing... totally gross. I believe it though.

    Sebastian is an excellent photographer. I love his recent milestones: Sit in bumbo, haircut, learn to use digital camera.

  3. sebastian really may have a future in photography!

  4. So sorry! Dairy free is tough but no juice! I don't think my children would survive. You're a good mom, Little J and S are so lucky to have you!

  5. Poor baby girl. Hives are the worst.

    And I almost threw up with that last paragraph. Off to disinfect my phone right now.

  6. I'm so sorry! We had to cut out all things dairy for awhile, it just stinks! Good luck!

  7. Are these pictures from the new camera? Love them. Maybe it's your photographer more than the camera...
    A not-laid back mama would have immediately rushed Julia to the ER. Or at least the drug store. Gummy vitamins would NOT have appeared on the "plan B" list. So I think your membership in the "laid back, anything goes, nothing fazes me ever parenting style" is intact.

    And thank you for the cell phone tip. I will be unable to sleep tonight.

  8. I was really wondering about dairy when you mentioned her diapers a few times :) Both of my kids are dairy free as well. I'm not sure if anyone warned you but when Gabe first went dairy free no one told us, including his then pedi. Try and stay away from soy milk/soy products as they have a lot of estrogen and can cause problems with kids including early puberty, etc. I'm sure you and Simon already knew this but just wanted to pass that along in case.

    Hope you are able to figure out what caused the hives. Glad that it wasn't worse!

  9. eee fun times. i think about half of my friends/friends kid's are dairy free. there are some great substitutes....I make chocolate coconut milk ice cream in my ice cream maker ALLLLL the time and it's really good. As for the secret tip....I never offered my kids juice until they were lots older lol. Gianna HATES it. All she'll drink is water. And chocolate milkshakes. The Doms will drink anything, but since I don't keep juice in the house...his options are water or water. The cell phone tidbit made me that much happier I don't own one....though I am sure my husband's is germ-full. Yum.

  10. Tip of the day (you know bc we could all use more): offer water or cold water, the short people in my house will stop and think about it, you know weighing the options and everything. Although, maybe I shouldn't share that. Maybe my kids aren't that smart... Oh well, someone has to bring the curve down.

    Rock on momma!

  11. eeeeeew with the dairy-free. My dad works for an unnamed dairy company with an indian maiden logo...and I was raised on a mostly dairy diet, until I too came down with some sort of diary malady. Davy is dairy-free also... It isn't that fun. Coconut oil instead of butter and coconut silk milk are my personal favs. Tell Julia I am sorry. And also Anne makes really excellent coconut milk icecream, which she should send you. Thanks a lot for the germ tip. I guess I will remove the cell phone from the emergency chew toy pile.

  12. SERIOUS germophobe here. I figured as much about the cell phones...therefore I am still off to wipe off the baby slobber from earlier today. Ugh.

    So sorry about Julia! Hopefully cutting it all out will help!

  13. Oh mama. I'm sorry. Nothing useful to say but that. :(

  14. That bites. Bad.
    I'm so sorry! I hope it's just a phase for her and clears up soon!
    Tagg was the same way for the first year and a half, no dairy and no soy for him (and holy !@#! they put that stuff in everything!!). Pretty much it was awful.
    :( Poor Julia, and poor Mamma!!
    Wal-dryl honest to goodness made me lol.

    I really am a germaphobe, I wipe my notebook and phone down at least once a day with wetones. How can I be such a germaphobe with two boys??? Oy. Or maybe that's whyyyy I am one. Ha ha.

  15. my son is a no diary guy too. glad you figured it out though!



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